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The dmv from another state posted a speeding ticket as a DUI charge! The state that made the error is Indiana. I live in Tenness
I live in Tennessee. Each state is pointin the finger of blame at the other, yet they cant clear the error. How can i get this removed?! Please help me!
I would contact the clerk of the court in Indiana and explain what's happened. They will have a record of your case (...
Is it legal for a county courthouse in TN to add a retirement fund fee for a judge to court fines for a first offense DUI?
This charge was listed on the Itemized statement for court fee's related to a 1st DUI in Jefferson County Tennessee. Also there were additional charges for the city of Dandridge, which is in the same county. Are these legal?
Most likely those were approved the State Legislature, along with all those other items listed as "court costs". It's...
I have two DUI's and want to get my carry permit in TN. The Dui's occured in 05 & 06. Am I ok?
DuI's occurred in Wisconsin.
TCA sec 39-17-1351(c)(11) controls this question and it reads: "That the applicant has not been convicted of the...
How much jail time am i looking for a 2nd time habitual motor offender and dui and approx how much do attorneys charge for it?
it has been almost 4 years since i got the first habitual motor offense.
Are you being charged with DUI 2nd or have you committed 6 driving-related offenses (including DUI, Vehicular Assault,...
Can I lose my license for an underage consumption and possession citation if I was driving but passed a sobriety test?
I am a freshman college football player at Carson Newman University
Yes you can. If your BAC was above 0.01%, you certainly can. How you did on the field sobriety tests often is only...
First dui clear back ground
Faild subrity test had blood test
DUI 1st Offense is punishable by up to 11 months 29 days in jail. With no prior record, you are probably looking at the...
Can I get this Dui dismissed?
On a Friday night I allowed a friend to drive me home who told me he had a valid driver license. I had been drinking and turned over my keys to him. Well he went got my car and picked me up and on the way home a state trooper pulled us over. Next thing I know they asked me to step out of my car, put me in hand cuffs and said I was being arrested for consenting to allow a person to drive my car who has suspended license and they gave him a 2nd offense dui. I didn't know his license was suspended and I thought that I was doing the right thing by not driving with drinking. The police officers charged me with DUI no BREATHLYZER nor Blood test was given to me. No test was given to me. I wanted to know if I can get this dismissed considering I thought I was doing the right thing and not drinking and driving. He lied to me saying he had license and sober.... Can I get this DUI dismissed?
You are unlikely to get it dismissed if you represent yourself. Also, if you are your own lawyer the things you say to...