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I was arrested for a dui less than a month ago and I still haven't been convicted and I was arrested again for another
What will happen to me my first dui is still in the works with the court and I was facing a guilty plea but still wasn't convicted yet now I got another one and I'm wondering what will happen threw the court and with dmv. I'm attending aa classes to better myself but I also have my work permit which I am hoping I won't lose because of this. I'm not an alcoholic I just made a really dumb mistake again I don't want to lose my home over this. How will the court possibly handle this I blew .21 my first and .14 my second.
You need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Are you in the AEP, I would need more info to provide an intelligent...
1st DUI, no priors but on probation
no prior DUIs so this is a first, but on probation through the state supervision unit, no longer through local level. Will they violate and if so, is there a way to avoid jail?
You should set up a free consultation with a qualified DUI Defense attorney to discuss your case.
Pled guilty to a DUI in NY several months ago. My license is from CT. No word from CT yet.
I have a 6 month suspension in NY with 1 year interlock also have a NY conditional "license". Should I tell CT DMV? Is it worth retaining a lawyer for advice in CT?
New York cannot suspend your ability to drive in other states. It can only suspend your privilege to drive in New York....
1st time aggravated DWI & DWI. No priors. Possible outcome.
Just charged with Aggravated DWI & DWI in Long Island NY. Blew .21. Stopped for not maintaining lanes. Age 29, no criminal record history. Employed at bank, military reserve and going to school full time. Are they any chances this can be brought down to driving while impaired? Not sure if it means anything, but I reside in the state of CT.
There may be some programs that you are eligible for, but you should consult with a criminal defense lawyer in the area...
What is the statue of limitation for arrest of a DWI in state of Connecticut
single car accident occurred in winter of 2011 . . no arrest was made at that time . . just found out an arrest warren was put out in Jan 2012 . . what are my rights , etc . . .
You need to call a criminal defense attorney immediately and discuss this case in confidence. There may be a number of...
Do I need a lawyer for a first time offender in a DUI case? and what precautions should i take prior going to court?
I was pulled over on december 23rd at 3:00 am. and i was arrested for a DUI. I am 18 years old, and this is my first conviction of a DUI. I was asked by a police officer to step out of my car to perform several field sobriety tests, and then I was arrested. Once I arrived at the police station I was given a breathalyzer test in which I scored .0348. I was then released on a 500 dollar bail and scheduled a court date for January 7th. I am very concerned about this due to the fact that I am currently in a legalization/naturalization process.
Yes, you should contact a lawyer (or more than one to find the one who is the best fit for you). I would not advise...
Waiting to see if a one-car accident will lead to a DUI charge - what should I be doing to prepare?
My 18 year old daughter hit a tree while driving drunk. Her blood alcohol level 0.16. She was not charged with anything at the scene of the accident nor issued any tickets. I am waiting for the police report to be finished - should I contact a lawyer now or wait to see if there will be any charges? Should I contact the police officer in charge to see if they are planning to charge her with anything?
DO NOT contact the officer involved. If they failed to file something and intended to, or some other mistake was made,...