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What happen my Daugher was ticket for out of date tag it's out of date for over one year?
Her car has a bad head gasket and won't pass inspection and she can't Afford to fix it what going to happen when she goes to court? She is still driving around with expired tag
She will have to pay the ticket. That is about it.
Can I move my court date up ?
I have 2 court dates and 1 is coming up and the other is not for a couple months. Mean while I'm moving back to NJ to get my affairs in order before my 1st child is born. This all took place in NC, my only possibly idea is to drive back to NC when the court date is due but if my license is revoked for my first court case I won't be able to drive.
Ask your attorney, maybe it can be arranged so that you do not have to come back.
Whats going to happen if i didnt have time to complete community service, paied half my fines, and didnt have time to do drug te
I got order a 9926 my nxt court date is oct 3rd ive done 2 hrs community service paied half the fines and dont have time to do the drug assessment, im a single parent trying to make life work will i get jail time?
maybe, who knows? you can hedge your bet against getting jail time if you get current and have no violations.
If someone is already on probation for dwi and then gets charged with second degree kidnapping how much time can they get
On probation now locked up for assault on female and second degree kidnapping
15-63 months prison plus whatever sentence for the dwi.
I got an underage dui (blew a .02) and opened container
The officer let me go after giving me my ticket. Can I be eligible for a deferral? If not what are the possible consequences I'm looking at?
The need for deferral/diversion is always a possibility. But, being so young, you do not want to take a chance and...
The county of Lavonia GA took my husbands NC Driving license when he was arrested for DUI. It has been 1 1/2 months
since his arrest His court case is continued. I am trying to find out how he can get his license temporarily or a work permit to drive in NC until he is sentenced. The GA attorney says I have to get this take care of in NC. Will this time be counted towards his suspended license when his case is sentenced?
Speak to a NC DUI lawyer about how to get a restricted license if he is eligible.
My husband lost his NC license in GA for a DUI. My GA attorney tells me he cant ask for a work permit, that we will have to do t
My husband lost his NC license in GA for a DUI. My GA attorney tells me he cant ask for a work permit, that we will have to do that in NC What do we do?
Your husband did not lose his NC license in GA for DUI. GA has no authority whatsoever to suspend a NC license. What...