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Is there any way to keep drivers license for work in OR after DUI?
My fiance just got arrested for dui. He had a previous dui about 6 year's ago but went through diversion. Any chance he can keep his license to drive for work as that is what he does for a living. If they allow him to keep will his employer need to know?
Your fiancé needs to get a lawyer now. If he has a commercial driver's license, it is at risk. Also, even those who...
What do I need to do to get this case reduced?
Back in 2009/2010 I was pulled over and charged with possession of pot in the Dallas, oregon and then about three months later I was driving a friend home the morning after we had been drinking, and still had the scent of beer on my breath so I was charged with a duii. This case happened in Portland oregon. They classified me as a class c felony and I heard from a attorney in bend Oregon that they can't charge me with a felony since they were in two different countys. I need to know what to do to challenge this case. Please help its been almost 5 years!
I am not sure what you are asking. If your DUII was a felony, it is probably because this isn't your first DUII. It...
Fired for getting sited for a DUI after leaving my workplace (stars cabaret).....
As a cocktail server for Stars Cabaret in Oregon, I stayed with customers after I clocked off my shift and had some drinks. I later made a stupid decision to drive home and received a DUI & Wreckless Driving. I have NOT even appeared in court or been convicted on DUI, only charged with it. So can they now fire me, because I left there and got a DUI???
I am not licensed in Oregon, but in California, the answer is absolutely, yes., because most non-government employment...
Misdemeanor warrant in CA.
I have a warrant for not taking my DUI classes. I had 2 DUI's back in 2002 and I would like to get this stuff off my record. I have a great job and could not afford to go to jail and lose my job. I live in Portland, OR now and have not been in any kind of police trouble since these DUI's in CA. Is it possible to fix these issues without going back to California, and more importantly, without being arrested? It was 12 years ago..
Yes. It may be possible. First, you need to hire one of us CA lawyers to try to get the cases on the courts calendar,...
What if a person is charged for a duii with a .05 then hit hours later with a .03 attempt? Can this be a possible 2 conviction?
Nothing else on driving record or criminal record at the time of the situation?
An attorney would need a lot more information to be able to answer fully, and you shouldn't post any details here or...
I drink one.beer only on saturday and.i had to do a pee text on.Friday so it was 6day after i.drink one beer well it show possit
Im.doing a devertion pogram
It should not show up in your test. Alcohol is usually absorbed and expelled from your body's system within hours.
I have a lifetime suspension on my D.L. in Oregon due to 4 DUI's throughout my life. Can I get a DL in Pennsylvania?
I was convicted of my 4th DUI in 2010 (all in OR) and was sent to prison for 25 months. After parole, I completed all of my conditions, including treatment. I finally got off supervision back in 2013. Now I am planning on moving to Pittsburgh, PA in the near future. Will I be able to get a driver's license there when I move? I haven't been in any trouble since my last DUI in 2010. Thank you.
Every state has different laws and administrative rules governing licensing issues. However as a general rule, many...