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Are there any travel restrictions to Caribbean due to DUI
I had a DUI Convection in June 2014 which was dropped after completing DUI Diversion Program (June 2015) in Oregon. I am planning on taking a Caribbean cruise next to Grand Turks, La Romana (Dominican Republic), Curacao, Aruba (Netherlands Antilles). The cruise will be leaving out of Florida. Could I be denied entry at the port of calls? I have a Valid US Passport.
This post is in the criminal defense forum. It is not about that, rather it is about travelling to the Carribbean,...
What will the court do if they find out a person on trial for DUI is committing marriage (green card) fraud in another state?
I know someone committing marriage fraud that drove drunk and got a DUI along with other misdemeanors. She left the state to move in with a boyfriend leaving her husband. Not divorced, she just left him to move in with her boyfriend and only has the two year conditional green card that is sue for change of status. Her husband is a friend of mine and he has Aspergers. He was tricked into marrying her and thinks being she moved out he is in the clear. He doesn't understand that isn't how USCIS works with green card marriage. Me and some others want to tell the court about her past history with alcohol and drugs in the other state. Also about the marriage fraud and our friend having a cognitive disability where he doesn't understand social interactions well or lying. We feel the court should know this because she is a good liar and people take pity on her. She will lie to the court about being married and being a drunk eventually hurting someone while driving drunk or worse. Is there anything we can do to help the judge understand who they are dealing with?
Circuit Courts do not have jurisdiction into the matter of Marriage Fraud for immigration purposes, which is a federal...
Filing form I-751 Remove conditions on green card and being on probation for first DUI?
Will being on probation for their first DUI with Reckless driving and with a suspended license effect the removal of conditions with form I-751 if the probation or suspension has not been completed? Person was arrested and is being charged with 3 class A misdemeanors (Reckless Driving, DUI, Failure to perform Duty of Driver and one class B misdemeanor for harassment. No injuries, but damage to vehicles. The conditional green card expires soon. Green card holder is from UK and had license a few months before DUI. Married within a few months of being in America. Not living with sponsor, but still married and living with someone else. DUI was in another state where sponsor is not living. Will the arrest and conviction flag the application for further review?
How can I resolve a DUI/&/FTA from Maryland if I live in Oregon? What is the first thing i need to do?
I am stuck and don't know what to do and I'm panicking frankly. ANY advice is appreciated because I haven't thought or heard anything on how to approach this chaos.. THANKS TO ALL!!!!!
You need to consult with a Maryland criminal defense lawyer. Try finding one who specializes in DUII in the city you...
If a car is towed from dui traffic stop and is sold at auction what happens to the loan on the car?
My wife has helped an ex get a car loan she is primary. He was arrested for dui and pcs meth and few other charges. Car was towed from scene. We are unable to afford to get car out of impound. Tow yard has informed us they will auction the car next month if we don't pick up car. What happens to the bank loan or my wife's credit report if car is sold at auction. Other question is how do we get her ex off bank loan if we are able to get car from tow yard even though he refuses to sign any paperwork to remove his name from being. the secondary on bank loan. Other question. If we are able to get car from toward should we or could we have police search car before we take possession of car to check for any other illegal items
I am not licensed in Oregon, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from Oregon who may respond to your...
Will my DUI/DUII be revoked? What can I do to fight it?
I was placed in the DUI/DUII diversion program in Clackamas county by circuit Judge Susie L Norby. Sometime ago, I finally got my license back, got my SR-22 filed, and an IID (SmartStart) breathalyzer installed in my vehicle. My first report went to my monitoring authority (Pioneer Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Services/PADES). I heard from a counselor in my treatment program that the report showed my IID being "unplugged or something". PADES filed to have my diversion revoked. I have spoken with several representatives from SmartStart and the code was "Power Fail" which means my battery dropped under a certain voltage. SmartStart says if I tampered with the device like PADES claims, it would read "Circumvention". How do I prove my innocence?
You'll receive notice from the court to show cause why your diversion should not be revoked. At the hearing you're...
Is there any way to keep drivers license for work in OR after DUI?
My fiance just got arrested for dui. He had a previous dui about 6 year's ago but went through diversion. Any chance he can keep his license to drive for work as that is what he does for a living. If they allow him to keep will his employer need to know?
Your fiancé needs to get a lawyer now. If he has a commercial driver's license, it is at risk. Also, even those who...