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Can I get a definite answer on this ?
I have two counts of fraud in the Georgia dds. The statute of limitations has since been ran out. False statements on government documents where they say I obtained a drivers license under a fictitious name. I was called to see an investigator in 2010 and 2011 where they told me to bring my identification so I did. They wouldn't bring it to court but they wouldn't clear the red flags either, now it's 7yrs later what can I do? One count is in Dalton the Other is in Calhoun. I do not want to talk to any investigator or go to court. Just moved to New York.
It's impossible to give you a definite answer with having more thoroughly investigated the facts.
I just moved to GA eater getting an Interlock system put in my car after a DUI in SC. Can I get a Unrestricted DL in GA
I was convicted of a second DUI two and a half years ago in SC. I forfeited my license because I could not afford all the fines and the Interlock system. I recently paid all fines and got the BAIID system installed in my car. This week I am moving to GA. I have had so many issues with it messing up and I've had to pay to get it fixed about once a week. My family can not afford the cost of it any longer. Is there any way that I could get a valid GA license and get the Interlock system removed? If not, is it possible that I could forfeit my license again and get the system uninstalled, since we can no longer afford it? Is there a length of time after a suspension that I could get a License without the BAIID in GA?
You have to contact DMV in Georgia. They are the ones who can inform you on this.
What should i expect in court
I was pulled over and given DUI test they said i blew .009 took to jail for DUI and released charged with wreck less driving first offense 453949..i can't talk to public defender until court because municipal court has one there to represent me and i don't have the money for my own lawyer
Well, first ting is you were legally intoxicated, but fortunately it was your first offense. Learn from this...
I'm on state probation,for a dui missdemeanor.and went shopping in Chattanooga tn,but forgot to notify my p.o
Went to gandermountain to try to buy a shotgun seens how I don't meat any criteria of the brandy bill,but I did so across state lines Tuesday it's now Thursday should I call her (p.o) and explain I forgot to call ahead?
As long as it was not part of your sentence to not leave the State, and it was only for a one day trip, it most likely...
I have recieved a citation for underage drinking,what should I do now ?
Last night I went to a house party and drank for the first time in my life , I usually don't go to parties because I do not want to get in trouble . I have now learned my lesson. An officer arrived at the location and said a car on the side of the road ( my parents car that I was driving ) needed to be moved. A girl that had not been drinking moved my car forward not even 10 feet ,they then demanded to see the owner of the vehicle which was me . He then said the license matched up and yelled at me how much I had been drinking , I was still fully conscious of my actions and was not drunk by any means . I said I had only drank one thing , he then made me do the breathalyzer test and yelled at me 6 times for doing it I correctly but I honestly was trying , I have never been in trouble with the law before ,have a clean record and was a straight A student in highschool . I even skipped my senior year and went to college which I am still attending . The officer then gave me the citation and did not further explain anything to me. I am unemployed and can't afford a lawyer,what are some options for me in this situation? Thank you in advance!!
It sounds like they attempted to give you a charge for dui. If you can't afford an attorney ask the court for a the...
I want to know if the Attorney Anna Johnson is a good drug case defender?
Because I wanted to hire her
Having worked with her myself on cases for almost 10 years, I can safely say she is an excellent lawyer.
What if I violated my state probation and they looking for me what do I do
I first got out jail I reported but failed my first drug test however since I admiTed to it they let me slide and they told me to take dug classes I signed up for classes paid for them however didn't have ride got scared caused missed class and I guess now they looking for me for non report and stuff
You hire an attorney to try and replace to situation with minimal repercussions to you.