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PA.. DUI. i have,10 days from the date of arrest to schedule a DMV administrative per se hearing? When is the arrest date?
By reading advice on this site, i am a bit confused. I Read the officer must submit a arrest complaint to district Majistrate with in 5 dyas? Is This true?( i found no record of this online) I also read the 10 day DMV rule *above*... My blood bac should come back below ,08. But i am not sure. Do i have to sit in limbo until either a summons comes saying i am over .08? What if its below? will they even contact me? Was i under arrest the day of blood test (over 3 weeks ago)? how can i follow the DMV rule if i have no paperwork? Or no police report to look at. Do i just wait to be contacted by Mail? will they conatct me if there is no dui? Sorry for all the questions but i never even had a traffic ticket in 30 yrs of driving. I didnt want to be calling the magistrate or polic.
Pa.R.Crim.P 519 generally does not apply to a DUi case. In addition, the plain language of the rules does not offer a...
Pennsylvania DUI, do the officers have to read the Form DL–26 for Implied concent prior to blood test at hospital? be dismisD
After refusing a subority test do to a disaiblity . Officer said " I have to hand cuff you and take you to hospital for blood test"(no miranda rights read) at the hospital was asked what meds i was on . So i replied honestly. Officer wrote this on a paper. Then asked me to sign . Saying "this is to give the hospital permission to take blood. As the nurse was all reaady in room looking for a vien. So i signed it. No idea actually what i signed. was released afterwards to people that came to retrieve my car and myself. Was not givin any paperwork and i have no idea what the blood resluts will be when the come in mail. Was never arrested before- it just seemed odd , the lack of information.
First, you should not discuss this level of detail on an open internet forum with potential criminal charges pending....
D.U.I. , Can someone explain the proper procedure for police pull over? What has to be read or annouced b4 or after arrest ?
Was never told i was under arrest? Only blew long enough once for breath test (not 2 test as i thought was proper) . No 20 minute wait ? Was never told reading of portable? Decilined to do Sobority test do to disiblity. Was told "have to hand cuff you and take you to hospital for blood test". (signed one paper releasing hospital from harm). No complied consent read ? should of been? I Didnt refuse.(wasnt aware i had choice) But nothing was explained or no paperwork issued. No ticket aftwerwards for crossing a lane to soon - b4 turn. (reason i was pulled over). I did mention i drank beer. Waited in Hospital parking lot for son and his gf to retrieve car and myself. Was told blood test result will be mailed to me..I Have no clue what my breath test was . what if blood test is not accurate?
There are certain procedures that the police must follow when pulling someone over and during the arrest itself. If...
DUI in PA.-If no ticket for traffic violation that you where pulled over for -was issued that night. would that be a defense?
I was pulled over for crossing yellow line to soon b4 making a turn-did use signal.Afterward i said i did have a few drinks , took breath test refused the sobority test and was took for blood test Can not getting a traffic ticket that night throw out the blood test or is the staue of limitations on traffic ticket 1 yr also? Am i wrong to think- with no legitamate pull over- blood test can be thrown out? Is my 1st offense- is it typical all will come in mail with results and summons if over limit? i do believe in the area i live- between 11 pm and 2 am officers look for any reason to pull people over. DUI'S i heard of in my area (which is many) happen to be mostly minor traffic violations. like no license plate light or head lamp or crossing. white line isnt bright enough to see :examples
In California, officers generally do not issue tickets for the traffic infraction that initially gave rise to the stop (...
Can I petition to get a charge remove from my record?
I was recently cited for underage drinking, and i plead guilty to it. I read somewhere that I could petition the court to remove the charge from my record when i turn 21. Is this true?
In California, it is possible to get convictions dismissed pursuant to PC 1203.4. This is often referred to as an...
Can i petiton to get a charge drop from my record?
I was recently cited for underage drinking, and i read somewhere that you can petition to get it removed from my record when i turn 21. Is this true?
In California, it is possible to get convictions dismissed pursuant to PC 1203.4. This is often referred to as an...
Is there a statute of limitations for a DUI and Disorderly Conduct. I was told they were dismissed 9 years ago. Do I still pay?
In 2000 I got charged with a DUI and a disorderly conduct. I was neither drunk or disorderly so I hired an attorney and a doctor to testify at my hearing. The officer and the D.A. said it would be a waste of the court's time and the charges would be dropped. At first they wanted me to go along with the Disorderly Conduct charge but I refused so they told me that if I got a minor traffic violation in the mail that I should pay that but I never received anything! Now ten years later, they are saying I have to pay these fine! Please advise! Isn't there a satute of limitations on this kind of thing? After paying my doctor and attorney almost $5,000, they were not even allowed to testify. I received a letter stating that these charges were withdrawn but they still want me to pay!
Your inquiry isn't completely clear, but I'll answer what I can: 1) Absolutely there is a statute of limitations (...