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Do Georgia courts accept online DUI school from a person who cannot afford the school fees
2 DUIs Person wants to fulfill this obligation before going to court for these charges
Depends 0n whether this on-line school is accredited and recognized by Georgia, but you best bet is to go to a Georgia...
How long for drug test results on hair follicle?
How long does it take to get results on hair follicle drug test and can one be positive then 3 months later negative.And am I entitled to a copy of the reports if I ask CPS because the administrator told me no when asked if I could have or see the test.
Generally a hair follicle test providers say that the tests can detect substances as far back as 90-120 days. So, it...
What Will Happen After Getting Terminated from Drug Court?
My Husband was in Drug Court. He was doing a great job & really enjoyed the program. He felt that it was helpful in many aspects of his life. Not only by remaining sober, therefore staying out of trouble, but the one on one's, the counselors, MRT classes, etc. Overall it seemed to be the perfect program for him. Until him & a couple of other participants (who are close friends) allegedly failed drug tests for kratom?!? My husband's counselor called him up to the Drug Court & placed him under arrest. 2 days later, on Friday (when they have their monthly court appearance in front of the judge) the judge terminated him & the other 2 participants from the program. So he is now sitting in jail waiting for a hearing? If anyone could give us an idea of what to expect from this point on, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks. P.S. We've hired an attorney. But apparently this process takes time. I'm just trying to figure out is he looking at some serious time? What steps can we take to prevent prison? Can he go BACK to the Drug Court Program? What is this hearing? Is it like a trial? I have so many unanswered questions! Help Please!!!
this question has been previously posted.
Who is responsible for removing the interlock from a vehicle when it's repossessed?
I had the interlock device on my vehicle when it was repossessed and I notified the interlock company and they will not release my papers showing that I had the interlock oh my vehicle for the appointed time. They are stating I owe them money for the interlock device.
Guess is the interlock company.....................
I have a court date in January for a DUI, i wasn't arrested on scene, had to go to the hospital
While in the hospital and still not coherent my daughter had me sign POWER OF ATTORNEY over to her. I didn't get arrested on scene but had to turn myself in when i got out, i was finger printed and paid a bond. Since i have to go to court in January do i need to have an attorney present and what should i expect. How do i get back my POA from my daughter.
This is a multipart question: For the DUI; prosecutors don't let those charges slide. Without knowing more I really...
What do you think will happen to me after 2 diluted tests? do i need to get a lawyer?
hey i am on probation in Marietta GA. my first test, I had never done this b4 and didn't think id have a problem, but turns out I couldn't pee, 2nd came back diluted, and 3rd was diluted. i guess i drank too much water on the second attempt in fear of not being able to produce again... but i honestly don't know how it was diluted a second time and my officer is suspicious. she petitioned for me to receive a court date! i am so scared about this.
You should be scared. If you fail, you can be incarcerated again.
I got a first offender DUI and blew a .163. What are the chances of getting that reduced to reckless driving?
I was pulled over for improper lane ussage due to not using a blinker. At the spot where I got pulled over you don't have to use a blinker. The road went from 2 lanes to 3 lanes.
It is impossible to evaluate your case based upon just the BAL of .163. Critical additional information, like whether...