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All three DUIs have been commuted to misdemeanors with adequate representation. I have so much time, money and enthusiasm invested in a medical career I feel lost and confused as to where I can proceed successfully. I am an intelligent 28 year old who has been deemed (thrice) with no need for medical intervention along the lines of alcohol treatment. I have no idea what to do with all of the 17k in student loans and lost dreams. What should I pursue or how should I pursue? Thank you in advance for your time and diligence! -Cynthia
Your best bet at this point would probably be to get into a very intensive residential rehab program. Then finish...
I was recently granted a probationary license -- after petitioning the court through a separate miscellaneous civil action -- and was placed on adult probation as a means of monitoring. The P.O. wants me to pay close to $1,000 in user, admin and initial fees -- the max allowable under statute for Indiana residents with a felony case. Since this technically is an M.I. civil action, and not a felony criminal case, can the P.O. assess that much in fees? The original felony cases that landed me in HTV status are long since concluded/closed.
If you retained an atty for the probationary license issuance, I suggest you discuss this with her/him. Its difficult...
I got in trouble two years ago, I have been on probation almost a year and a half, I will be getting off in three months, I have messed up once while on probation and had to go to stricter probation in order to "get out of the trouble". But, my probation officer asked me for a dna oral swab/finger prints, she said this is going to be taken to a dna database in Indiana, but she didn't have me sign any papers or anything. I'm paranoid to why this is happening because other ppl that I know that are felons said this has not happened to them? Please help.
It sounds pretty routine. Stop taking legal advice from convicted felons unless they are also lawyers.
i dont remmeber a single thing my friends say that i was halucinanting, i think i got drugged im a frist time offender i could barely stand college student 19years old
It depends. The charge could be public intoxication. It could be battery on a law enforcement officer. One is a MISD...
2nd. time arrested for drinking and driving on a supended for life drivers license
Driving on a lifetime suspension is a Class C Felony and carries 2 - 8 years of executed time depending on whether or...
I put a table in my car and it stuck out so I didnt shut the door. I then hit a pole with the table and had been drinking so I hurried in my house. I the police pounded on my door for about ten minutes but I knew if I didnt answer they couldn't come in. They ended up leaving but they knew which car was mine and now I'm not sure if in fact I have charges or warrants. How do I go about finding out? I didnt want to answer because I knew I would have gotten a dui. can I still be charged for a dui even if they do not have proof that i was drunk?
Do nothing say nothing. Under the U.S. Constitution you have the right to refuse to make any incriminating statements....
Live in Indiana, never married to or lived with noncustodial parent. Started over night visits with my daughter when she was 3. Now sees her every other weekend. Had his wages garnished so I do receive child support. Not wanting to exclude him from her live, but am very concerned about his lifestyle choices in the presence of our daughter. Maybe supervised visits at this time, until some proven counseling. What are my rights?
You need to have a discussion with him re her safety. If he will not voluntarily agree to visitations at your home or...