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Can I file a petition for reinstatement of my license myself or do I need an attorney
my license were revoked 12 years ago. I did not know until recently that I could have them reinstated after 10 years. I have a clean record now and need to know what steps I need to take. the revocation was for dui. If I can do this myself how do I do it do I go to circuit court to get a form? HELP
You'll need an attorney to file a formal petition with the court. There are filing fees of $252 and the district...
What is my options here I'm going to lose everything?
I moved to klamath Falls or. my license is suspended in Ga. With a $250.00 reinstatement fee for dui year's ago. I took the required class and have certificate for it. They are also held for child support twice once was lifted but there is two $35.00 reinstatement fees for that. I have a girlfriend that stays home with our child and I pay three hundred a week for rent so I can't really come up with much money. I work at henris roofing and they are threatening to get rid of everyone with no license so I really need mine back now. So is there any way someone can help me or what can I do
Q: What is my options here I'm going to lose everything? A: Sadly your options are limited. You can either pay...
I'm a Oregon division until end of year about Interlock device
I received a 0.6 in Oregon in December of last year. I have a California license. I have completed my classes. All I have now is to pay court costs and cost of Interlock until end of year. But CA DMV is clear. No notice of arrest; diversion; or interlock system. If I removed interlock from my car or rental car and stay out of Oregon, how would police know? The CA DMV says that Oregon DMV may not even report this to I am out of diversion completly in case I flunk diversion. We don't have diversion in CA. I not even a duii; in CA, I'm a wet reckless. I recently got pulled over in a rental by CHP and that had no notice from my CA driver's license that I was on diversion. This is a hypothetical question only, of course.
I do not follow your question. You may want to rephrase it. If you are told that the CA DMV may receive notice from...
As a bartender in Oregon am I allowed to serve a patron that just got a DUI several weeks earlier?
This person has not been to court yet. If convicted it will be their second one.
The answer to that question may be state-specific. In general however, you should never serve a visibly intoxicated...
How many years can they go back in counting previous dui s against you on a current case
my husband has a dui conviction in 1990 another in 2004 and is now charged with a new dui can they go all the way back to the 1990 conviction and count that one.
See my answer in duplicate thread. Count against him in what context?
In the state of Oregon how far back can they use a prior dui conviction in current case
whating to know how many years they can go back to hold a dui against you
It depends in what context. Your question is quite broad. It depends if you mean for diversion eligibility, or for...
Not guilty for driving while suspended, not in vehicle, officer stopped me while walking and gave me a driving while suspended
Officer did not see me driving vehicle and I was walking down the street when he gave me a driving while suspended and a no insurance ticket.
You should fight your case then. Is there a specific question?