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How can I defend a dui and driving on revoked charge when the only evidence is the cops word and no proof to back what he says.
I was the passenger in the car, I was charged with dui and driving, the officer never gave me any field sobriety test, I didn't blow in anything, no blood was drawn or anything. Of course he said he did all of this in his police report. He says my BAC was .263, there was 2 jars of moonshine in the floorboard of the car which he later put in the trunk, and when asked to see the footage of his dash mounted camera he said that it was unoperational that night. This would be my 3rd dui charge and 2nd driving on revoked. I'm also a convicted felon for dui. And both charges I'm facing are felonies. They're not gonna believe a 5 time felon over a cop. Without that footage I can't prove my innocence. There is a plea deal for 26 months. This is not right.
Particularly with the stakes being so high for you, it is essential for you to hire a qualified lawyer. Unfortunately,...
I have already been charged with a Baby DUI 7 months ago, and am now going back to court. Do I need a lawyer?
My case manager told me I had failed to attend AA, when i sent in my notes every week. Failure to stay clean from Marijuana which is true i failed one test. I am now being ordered back to court to face the judge. Do I need an lawyer again? I finished all of my community service, ASAP's mandatory classes and have been working constantly. Seems like trying to do right is still getting me screwed over.
YES! I strongly recommend you contact your original lawyer for this violation hearing, but any lawyer is better than...
What kind of Lawyer does my daughter need?
She was drunk and asleep in the back seat in her car and had a 19 year old friend drive her home and he wrecked her car he blew a .07 and was released and she is 20 and is being charged with underage possession because it was in her system. I really don't understand why. She thinks she blew a .1 but, doesn't know forsure.
Legal drinking age in VA is 21. When the driver had an accident, he was tested for intoxication, and when it appeared...
Is my first offense DUI reduced to reckless harsh? Everyone is stunned!
No prior record of anything. First offense DUI .11 BAC reduced to reckless. Assessments all negative for risk. 10 days jail (5 real days), scram for 3 months as alternative for suspended license. 500.00 fine and expensive substance abuse classes that will cost me 2000 k (classes are private program that is another pocket to fill by the desperate). Everyone is shocked including me. I just feel the classes are a part of a scandal. What can I do if my lawyer strangly suggested these to the judge?
You can thank your lawyer. The laws on drunk driving continue to get more and more harsh and unrealistic. The "tests"...
DUI 2nd offense in VA
If I accept a plea to amend my offense from a DUI 2nd offense in VA, to a DUI 1st offense, am I able to appeal this?
Assuming that your case is pending in either the General District Court or the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District...
If you are already enrolled in VAASAP and outpatient treatment for a first DUI at the time of court for a second DUI combine?
I got my first DUI about 2 months ago in Spotsylvania and pleaded guilty and now am in ASAP and have also been referred to an outpatient program on top of that. A month after getting the first DUI I then got a second one in Fredericksburg. I spent 33 days in jail having revoked my bond in Spotsylvania for getting arrested for the first. In the end, Spotsylvania only deducted 5 days from my jail time. My question is can Fredericksburg count the remaing time for my mandatory 20 days and does the outpatient and VAASAP carry over for the Fredericksburg charges as well? I am currently on pretrial services for the Fredericksburg charges including the AnyTrax motoring system. Fredericksburg let me bond out even though I had the Spotsylvania charges because I have epilepsy (and by the way had a seizure and was taken to the ER at the time of arrest). I have a complicated case and it's very frustrating when my court appointed has no time to discuss with me except for 5 mins before court. Any information would be helpful.
You need to address your concerns and questions with your lawyer. He or she is in the best position to give you answers...
What can I do to get my citizenship with 2 DUI a within the last 5 years ?
I m permanent resident from 2009 and I wanna apply for citizenship but I had 2 DUI s in my record , so what should I do ?
Two DUIs within the last five years will render you ineligible as lacking "good moral character", however, you may...