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Can my 22 year old son obtain a "hardship"drivers license?
My 22 year old son was arrested for a DUI in Lee County Alabama. He was not given his drivers license back when he was released. The staff at the jail told me he could get a hardship license to drive just back and forth to his job until his court date. We live in Tallapoosa County and he works out of town.
No. AL does not have a hardship license provision. Your son needs a DUI lawyer who understand the license issues and...
I have 2 prior dui,. I got arrested for public intox. Recently will I go to jail?
I have 2 prior dui's one was 4yrs ago and the last one was this past February. When I got arrested I for public intoxication, I was not very nice to the police but they didn't charge me with anything other that public intoxication, I had a signature bond to get out. I'm trying to find out if I'm facing jail time.
It is of course possible with any misdemeanor. But get good defense counsel and you should be fine. You are correct in...
Clifford William stroh#286121 is in elmore co. jail for violated probation do to drinking .what next?
when I talk to his probation officer he said he waiting for an answer from mich.cliff has court with 2 probation officer then told me cliff only has 5 month on probation Clifford is wondering when he could get out or what going to happen. on june 21,2014 he was in a bad accindent an total out the van,the blood test was done and the it was 1.87 the state officer said he was going to give him a dui ticket but never did let PLEASE HELP ME mrs. stroh
You need an in depth consultation with an attorney. It sounds like at the least he is in violation of his probation.
What are the steps for Pretrial Diversion for DUI and how early can I start the process?
I am in the military and got arrested for a DUI and am looking to go the Pretrial Diversion route. I had a BAC of .12. I get out of the military in August and my court date is in September. I was wondering if I could set the dates for everything that I have to do for PTD so that they won't interfere with the military. And I will also be in Tuscaloosa starting in the fall so was wondering how that would work in coordination with Lee County
Your best course of action is to retain an attorney that is thoroughly familiar with Alabama DUI and driver license law...
Do I still have to pay money if I already sat my dui fine out
I got convicted in 2008 served 93 days, 9 years later I got arrested on it saying I still owe money what can I do
The best thing you can do is pay off the outstanding fines or court costs associated with the DUI charge.
If a saftey is in effect and the parents have refused a drug test by DHR and have said their rights have been violated
the parents said they told DHR that they had an attorney and their attorney told them not to go have the drug test done, When the children were removed fron there house DHR asked them to do a urine test and they refused. Now they were told they had to do a hair folic test and was told when to go and told the DHR case worker that they were not going, they said they had contacted a attorney and he told them not to go, Can that be done without the attorney talking to DHR or a judge
Can what be done/ You need to ask your attorney not us who do not have your case.
Does dhr typically require drug test even if the reported allegations were NOT drug related?
My landlord is targeting my family. She has a personal vendetta against us, she called DHR and made false allegations. A worker came today, I was very upset but cooperated, allowed her to check my home. These allegations are not drug related, so will they require us to submit to drug test, and can I refuse? Do they need probable cause(a complaint against parents for drug use) to request drug test?
1) I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner, much less whether or not a given...