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Drunk driver hit my fiancé head one going the wrong way on highway using a rental car. He has insurance. What do we do for money
The man was arrested for DUI, open container, and driving on the wrong side of the highway. My financee's car is totaled, but we are wondering what to do about Pain And Suffering compensation. and How much we could possibly obtain from the rental company or the man.
Sorry for your problems. It's tough to evaluate a case without knowing precise injury and what pain and problems and...
Trying to find somewhere in Dacula, Buford, or sugar hill areas for community service.. Having a lot of trouble finding a place
Its for my 2nd DUI and I have 240 hours to complete.
You can try the Goodwill store on Hwy 23 in Buford; or the one on Hamilton Mill Rd. You can complete community service...
Is it worth going to a jury trial with a Judge who rejected a plea offered by the solicitor.
I was pulled over in GA in Feb 2011 and was charged with speeding failure to maintain and DUI. At curbside I was given one sobriorty test which was the HGN. The obtained 2 out of six clues but said my eyes jerked so they terminated the test. At the station I blew a .083 and a .087 on the Int 5000. I started in recorders court where I was not offered a plea and then my lawyer had it bound over to state court. All motions to supress where denied at the motion hearing but at calender call I was offered a plea by the solicitor but the Judge wouldnt accept it. My question is "Is it worth going to a jury trail with this Judge" this would be a first time offence for me of any kind other than a speeding ticket.
At a jury trial, the judge is not the one who decides guilt or innocence. The jury will decide that. So the fact that...
Can I move to other state during DUI probation?
I have 1st DUI and I'm still on a probation, but my case has been closed and I submitted all the documents (DUI school, evaluation and community service) and the fine as well. And my PO said I can ask to my attorney to get a non-reporting probation, but I didn't ask him yet .What do I have to do for the non-reporting probation and is it possible to move to the other state (From GA to LA) for transferring my college? Or transfer probation office to the state?
If your probation officer allows you to move, then you can move. Just make sure you get that in writing from them so...
If i am on probation in gwinnett are we aloud to have any alcohol?
Just curious cause dont wanna fail random drug screen.
Just read the special conditions of the order placing you on probation. You can get it for about a dollar and maybe...
Will I️ have probation for a first time charge of possession of Marijuana less than one once ?
I️ was parked in a parking lot right outside a taco place and a cop pulled me over ( I was parked) and smelled marijuana and found a .3 ounce in my car and i have to pay a 700 fine and show up to court. and I️ don’t want probation I don’t have a criminal past.
We are sorry to hear that you are facing this trouble. Without knowing more, it is impossible to say what your...
My girlfriend is sitting in Gwinnett county jail since Wednesday for florida hold with no charges how long can she stay there 4?
she got off probation 2 days after December 1st and fines were paid on that Wednesday no new charges but she is being held in Gwinnet county jail for Florida hold what can possibly happen?? its been 5 days already and 6 counting today
It depends upon what she is being held for by the Florida hold. If it's a felony, they may hold her for up to 90 days...