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Can I get a cdl with 2 dui cases on my record?
I was given a deferred sentence on the first dui. The second dui was in a municipal court and it was also deferred. I blew on the first and the second was a refusal. It will be 4 years in January since the most recent.
I believe multiple DWI convictions is a lifetime restriction of a CDL.
Wrongfully arrested for dui?
Last year I received a dui. This is what happened: I had came home around 7pm or so had dinner and had a couple beers. I went to sleep and woke up with two officers in my home. My gf at the time called them because she needed to get in the apt. Because she didn't have a key. But before the officers entered my apt. The next door neighbor told them that when she saw me coming home that I had a beer in my hand, in which I didn't. I don't know why she said that. And on top of that I don't even drink all that often. So the officers woke me up and said if I've been drinking and I said yes I had a couple beers with my dinner but didn't drive anywhere after I got home. The cops said ok. And left my apt. However 4 Months later I received an arrest warrant for my arrest because of a dui. My question is can I still fight this even after a year? I didn't appeal it before because I don't know the law well. However I do know that they failed to take a breatholyzer and read me my Miranda rights?
I'm not in your state. Nothing in your post says you've pled guilty, so you likely CAN still fight this. Miranda...
Can i get my license reinstated without having an interlock device or taking classes?
Im trying to get my license back and they want me to install an interlock device and i thought that you had to have 3 or more alcohol related offenses in the last ten years. I have had one in the last ten years and it was in 2012. Before that i had a refusal in 2001 and a dwi in 2007. Do i have a case?
Law changed in 2011 adding additional periods of interlock as a condition of reinstatement. If your revocation was for...
Will Oklahoma know about a possession charge in Texas if I'm on unsupervised probation in Oklahoma?
I am currently on probation for a misdemeanor charge of DUI in Oklahoma. My probation should be up this summer but I've been hit with a possession charge <2oz in Texas will Oklahoma find out?
Possible but hopefully not. Chances are you will get lucky.
How do I obtain an Oklahoma driver's license if I got a DUI in California?
I got a DUI years ago while living in CA, but recently moved to Oklahoma. I fulfilled all the necessary DUI requirements, except for the reinstating my license by getting an SR-22 and installing an breathalyzer. I don't know if I need the breathalyzer in Oklahoma, since Oklahoma doesn't require it for a first time offense. Overall, what measures do I have to take to get a drivers license?
Contact OK DMV and ask. Most states require reinstatement in the old state before they will issue license in the new...
What will a DUI do to my deferred sentence?
I have a 10 year deferred sentence for multiple counts of embezzlement, and was recently arrested for a DUI and possession. Since these are unrelated crimes, will the recent arrest impact my embezzlement deferment?
Yes. Most likely. Get a criminal defense attorney. You may also have a warrant.
What will happen if I violated my probation by missing a drug test and not paying my fines for 2 months?
I am on DA supervised probation in Rogers county Oklahoma I’m on a 3 year deferred 2 years supervised by the DA I am working on the road and couldn’t find a place to take my drug test when my color was called. I tried calling the probation office 16 times on each break 3 times a day I never got an answer. I am behind on my fines 2 months will they revoke my probation for this or what will happen? I got proof I’m working on the road and everything. I also had a positive ua about 3 months ago what do you think will happen in my case? I have a court date for Wednesday over a loan will they arrest me at that court date?
If and when the DA runs out out of patience, they will File an Application to Accelerate your deferred and will issue a...