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Can i get dui if I picked up a drunk passenger?
I'm not in that situation,it's that I'm curious because I don't find answers
DUI = Driving Under the Influence. Key word here is DRIVING.
Will i be able to obtain a Georgias drivers license after being convicylted of dui manslaughter with prior dui ofenses in Florid
Dui manslaughter served 7 years Prior dui offenses
Georgia and Florida are part of an interstate agreement that requires each to honor the other's revocations. Because...
Does a Florida DUI transfer to Colorado
I got my second DUI in Florida and I am moving to Colorado. I have a breathalyzer in my car for 3 years and special insurance for two. Will that transfer to Colorado?
You will need to make prior arrangements with DHSMV and the ignition interlock company. You will lielly have to get...
How shall I handle this situation? What steps shall I take to help me avoid VOP?
I serve 3 years and 11 months of a 5 years probation. I received a citation to appear in court for trespassing.
A criminal offense for trespassing would violate the terms of your probation by getting a new law offense. Since there...
Will I have to do my DUI class all over again because I didn't complete the treatment part.
My case is from 2008 I had a DUI charge and a refusal 4 breathalyzer. Both charges were dismissed. Because of the refusal I automatically had to take a DUI class in which I did complete. Recently I tried to clear my balance with The Advocate Program but was denied. I was told I had to do everything all over again. I am eligible to reinstate my license because I have satisfied the requirements according to the DMV. My other question is does The Advocate Program have a certain amount of time or obligation to report to the state or DMV individuals that have not met the requirement.
Advocate is one of many companies that provides services (DUI school, treatment and supervision), but it is a private...
How can I clear a FTA warrant for a DUI from 2011 without serving time.
I have a FTA warrant for a DUI from 2011. I had completed my community service, programs, and classes minus 1 certification that led to the court ordering me a second court date to complete it. I was unable to present for the court date because I lived out of state, so I was issues a warrant. I have no been back to FL since because of the risk of jail time and subsequent job loss that will result, as my family depends on my income. I haven't had any issues with the law since all this happened, and would really like to complete it without serving any time.
I cannot promise you no jail time (or what a given Judge will or will not do) but I can tell you with great confidence...
Will your probation officer drug test o You at home
I am in probation for 3 years for robbery
While it is possible for a probation officer to show up at your home and require a drug test, it is more likely to...