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Miami. DUI and Ctitizenship
Hello. i was convicted for a DUI 1st offense in 2014. No criminal background before. Just finished my probation and everything mandatory. I live in the US (green-card holder) since 2009 and volunteer for 2 years helping peoples. Can apply for my citizenship. I'm very confuse many lawyers say yes and other say no. DUI do not affect your GMC (Volume 12 – Citizenship & Naturalization, Part F – Good Moral Character Chapter 5 – Conditional Bars for Acts in Statutory Period) I know i'll need a immigration lawyer. Thank you very mech
US immigration laws are complicated. Criminal lawyers have some background in immigration laws, but not enough to give...
Cost to vacate a Dui conviction
I have 3 Dui and I want to vacate this cases from my record, one was in 1996 , 1999 and 2013 how much it will cost me and how long does it take to do it
That is a very complicated question of three parts, each DUI. Depends on whether you have a legal reason to vacate, if...
Miami-Dade County BOT for DUI - interlock and comm svc
I am currently on the tail end of finishing the Back on Track program due to a DUI that occurred this January. I currently have the Smart Start device installed on my car, 6 month period. I had an instance a few weeks back where my vehicle locked out due to not Blowing a retest after the car was parked and I forgot to blow, thus creating a lockout. Smart Start was vague on how to report this - they said to call FL DHSMV, but I am on a pre trial diversion agreement program (BOT) ?? I would like to know who to report to, or how to explain it to Court Options. Also, was wondering if I am able to pay for the 60 community service hours required to complete the program. It's hard to balance work and school find the time to get the hours in. Thank you for your time and assistance.
These are questions that should be able to be answer by your probation officer (diversion supervisor). They should be...
I just found out I have a warrant in Florida for a probation violation on a dui I got in 1991.
I thought the case was closed back in 1993 when I contacted broward county and they had me pay a fine of 500.00. They said at that point everything was clear. I got my drivers liscence in another state that I reside in and have not gotten a ticket since 1991. It is now 2015 and I just found out I have a warrant in broward county Florida. What should I do? i contacted broward county and they said I had to send a letter to the court explaining the situation. They would not talk to me about it over the phone.
Browse this site for a criminal defense attorney in Broward County and setup a consultation. Local attorneys will know...
After 20 months of a car accident under the alcohol influence, I got a citation to court, Can I still be charged with a DUI?
My car was total lost, but the other car got minor damage less than $800. I was taken to the hospital and dismissed the next day. My driver license was not removed. Nobody got injuries. I was 18 years old at that time. What should I expect now?
You can be prosecuted for a DUI/Property Damage up to two years from date of the incident. That said, simply sending...
DUI case Dismissed and 6 month suspension period expired, does my license automatically get reinstated?
DHSMV decision appeal is also pending in DCA. now how do I get my DL back? I never applied for hardship license and just waited it out. Am I required to attend DUI school or pay those outrageous reinstatement fees? How do I avoid it all? can I motion DCA for a stay?
you have to show proof of completion of the the dui school and pay the reinstatement fee if you don't want to wait for...
Medical hold on Drivers license after second Dui.
i have two duis one in 12/09 and other in 05/10. My suspension over in November this year. Since then, i 've completed all court ordered requirements dui school, treatment and community service. I applied to get hardship license and was told i have medical hold on my license. I did receive therapy between 2008-2010. Recently, i found therapist to fill out medical forms that DMV gave me,but forms expired already. I only had 45 days to get form filled out . So i have to request new medical forms from DMV. My therapist agreed to fill out medical forms, but he needs to see me two more visits. By July, i will get those forms filled out. The DMV told me once they received those medical forms it'll take them another three more months until i drive. Do i need lawyer to help me or i have to wait?
If the Florida DHSMV takes any action to deny or revoke the driver’s license then the driver should demand an...