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Will I get jail time for DUI if I turn down the "Back On Track" program? What will be the ultimate consequences of a DUI charge?
February of 2015 I was pulled over for speeding and the officer smelled marijuana in my car and began to perform a roadside sobriety test which I failed. Since then, I got a lawyer and he said it would be best to try and get into the 'back on track program'. I was kicked out of BOT the day I went to sign up, it turns out I had a bench warrant for a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge I obtained after the DUI, and I got a bench warrant because the officer put my address down wrong. That misdemeanor ended up being dismissed. Now, to get back into BOT, the state is making me drug test. I took the first drug test in December and it came back positive, just took another one today and it still came back positive even though I've stopped smoking. Currently, I have another court date on February 11th for another drug test. At this point, this BOT program doesn't seem worth it and I would like to just take the DUI and pay whatever fines I have to pay, but today the judge said she could send me to jail for 6 months. So now I'm terrified if I tell the judge I'm not going to do the program, she'll send me to jail. What are the chances she will give me jail time?
The judge told you the maximum on your DUI. With a first time DUI there is an excellent chance that a negated plea will...
What happens if I finish back on track (DUI) program early? What are my options?
I have 3 months left and I am done with the terms of the probation.
Generally the pre-trial diversion programs allow you to terminate early based upon completion of the program. Many...
DUI might get refiled after cop didn't show ..... It's dismissed for now
If I fight the DUI if it gets refiled , but I lose .... Will the penalties be even worse than if I plead no contest ? I can't go through all the insurance bs for 3 years , and no driving Ect.....
No way an online attorney can tell you this. Speak to the attorney and.or public defender who is handling your case....
Hi.. Just a question...i have a 2 weeks ago i think..i was in a club and i meet a girl she was drunk ..before she
Go home ..she gave her number..after 3 days ibtext here..sayin...hey do u remember me ..we had sex in the club bathroom wich all is lie...inwas just kiiding..i was trying to surprise her and see if she remeber me stiil.. And then she go ..hey yoy know waht..i was drunk and you were trying to rape me and have sex when i was drunk....she say she filling a police..yesterday i had a Call from her attorney..saying.that she want me go to jail for that...i have never see her..i just meet her that night and thats all ..please let me know. Please.I'm 17 years old ..i don't know how old is she....pleaseeee
Don't be making any statements to law enforcement about this matter. If you didn't have intercourse then the state has...
I have a DUI on my license, but I haven't been arrested or charged with the DUI
I was in a accident, blood was taken and it was over the legal limit but i never was arrested or charged. It's been six months since the accident. I need the arrest form in order to get my license back but there's no form found, my license got suspended for a DUI related offense. What's going on
Could you have had another DUI offense? Check and see if there was a bench warrant issued for this offense. Also, go...
DUI Expunge or seal
Hi I live in the state of Florida and on June 2008 I was charged with a dui. Since then I have not had any problems on my record and I' ve been a law abiding citizen. My questions is if there is any options available to expunge, seal or perdon this incident as this past error does not reflect the person I am today nor would I want it to hinder my career and future job prospect. Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, I don't believe you can seal or expunge a DUI.
Can i get ignition interlock reduced from one year to three or six months
I have second dui and i was court ordered to have ignition interlock on my car for one year. I have interlock on my car, but i wanted to know if i can get a lawyer to reduce the length of time i have to keep the device on my car. Thanks
The one your ignition interlock requirement is a statutory mandatory sentence and cannot be reduced by the court after...