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Which state should I file to reinstate my license after DUI. KS or CO? After the fines are paid, can I just go to my WA DMV?
I had a Kansas Driver's License when I came to CO for work. I had a DUI in Colorado 2011 and I'm still paying the fines. I have a Colorado ID issued after my release in 2013, (I was in jail for 2 years for a different case). I don't have my license coz of the DUI...just an ID. I moved to WA in 2013, and as soon as all the fines are paid in CO this year (2016), I would like to get my license reinstated to my new home state WA. The DUI is 5 years old. I am confused on where to go to get it reinstated. KS or Colorado or just go to the DMV here in WA and show them proof that the fines are paid. Will WA issue me a license after all my obligations/fines are paid?
You can apply for your license here in WA as long as none of these other states have any holds or suspensions in place....
Pending DUI
So I have a pending DUI. If convicted it will be my third. I have DUI from 2008, 2013 which I am still currently on community supervision for and a violation from last year for a wreckless endangerment. I just got 60 days home detention for the violation of the reckless driving. I just did 45 days home detention for the violation of the 2013 DUI. Now I'm dealing with the current DUI. this case is different. They got a warrant to draw my blood but the lady who drew my blood wasn't licensed so out goes the blood test. The plea they offered is drop it to a wreckless and driving suspended in the third degree. Go to a victims panel and attend drug and alcohol classes determined by an a assessment I would get. I'm already in classes and have been since march. My question is what do you think are my chances are at trial? They pulled me over for speeding but did not give me a citation. Please help.
With your history a reduction to reckless driving may be a very good result. It is impossible for anyone in a form like...
How can i get my dui charge dropped to a neg 1
I was arrested last night by stater leaving a christmas party and did a field sobeiety test pretty sure i failed it, they took me back to the station and had me blow 4 times. I blew a .187. Then they had a cab come pick me up and now im pretty scared never been in trouble before have no priors and really want to know if its possible for me to get it dropped to a neg 1. This occured in the state of Washington. Any advise would help alot.
I have practiced DUI defense in Clark County for the last 14 years and the initial news is not good... The Clark County...
Is it illegal to be asked to work while intoxicated
My boss called me and asked me to come into work even after I told her I was drinking
There is nothing intrinsically illegal about requiring an employee to come to work while intoxicated. There are, of...
DUI case closed but I never went to court, how does this happen?
I got a DUI spent one night in jail and got bailed out. Was supposed to be in court to be arraigned a couple days later buty lawyer said I didn't have to go. I looked at the doc from that day and said on my case no charges filed pending, but also charge 1 dismissed which was the DUI. I went on the county's website and it now shows my case status being closed. I'm trying to understand how they close it without me even setting foot in court, or is it still open just pending?
What does your attorney say? Unless more than two years have passed since the incident, the prosecutor likely can...
Can you tell me if there is a good chance in getting a pending DUI reduced to a reckless driving or thrown out in Lewis countyWA
My daughter was pulled over New Year's Eve weekend she had drank a total of 2 drinks several hours before leaving for home in her car. She was followed m pulled over taken to jail car impounded & blew just over legal limit but passed the road side test the officer was shouting at her & used force to scare her. It's her 1st offense
My experience in Lewis County in 2016 was the Prosecutor's Office was not amending breathalyzer tests of over .08...
Can I get a state I.D. card from the DMV if I have an unresolved D.U.I. And a bench warrant out for my arrest?
was just made aware of the fact that I have an unresolved DUI in Washington state from 2005. I was not drunk (no alcohol @ all). However, I have several medical issues, and take many medications. I failed the roadside sobriety test, and was taken to the hospital for a blood test. I was never officially arrested, no fingerprints, mug shot etc. The officer told me that I may or may not receive a summons to court and let me go. After this occurred, I realized that I was no longer a safe driver, & stopped driving altogether. Two years passed and I moved out of state. I had no issue receiving a Utah state ID, moved to California 5 years later and received a state ID there without issue. My family decided to move back to Washington a few months ago. Curious, I sent away for a copy of my driving record, and the DUI was on my record. I have every intention of hiring an attorney and resolving this issue. However, right now I simply need to get a Washington state ID ASAP for health insurance purposes. I have not driven in 10 years and have no desire to receive a drivers license. My question is, can I go into the DMV and get a state ID, prior to resolving my DUI?
There should be no prohibition on you obtaining a Washington state ID card, but as you probably know, you would be...