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Immigration question - I have two DUI on my record. One in 2010 and another in 2012. Can I apply for USA citizenship?
I'm reading mixed answers online. I have been a permanent resident of the same county since 1993 in California. No idea why my parents never filed for citizenship sooner. Now I am planning to apply but I am concerned about the DUI convictions I have. One is 5 years old, and one is 3 years old. I completed the probation. Some information online state that DUI is not a big deal for citizenship. Both DUI were simple pull over. Second one was simply because of the 0% tolerance probation from first offense. No accidents or injuries. My question is to understand what I should be prepared for? I have been in USA for over 22 years. 17 years I was in this country with nothing on my record. These past 5yrs is the pain that's making me nervous before applying. Any advise or experience?
Though simple DUI has been held not to be a crime of moral turpitude, any conviction in the past five years (more in...
False positive on interlock from hand sanitizer. Please advise.
I have an interlock device and always had 0.00. 9:30a this past week I thought I would teach my daughter how to drive herself to school and how to use the interlock device. She is a teenager and taking the "driving" test tomorrow. She blows 0.00 twice, then we park at school and she doused her hands with tons of hand sanitizer (didn't notice) and blows a .035 and I freaked. I saw the sanitizer and threw it. FAIL, the first time ever. It ask to blow again and I said I'll hold it this time because her hands and then she blew 0.00 PASS. She went to class. I was freaking out so bad, I turned car off and called interlock. I may have missed a rolling during all this. But I blew 0.00 4X home. I cant go to jail for someone blowing and over hand sanitizer can I? I worked so hard to stay clean.
Doubt you'll go to jail over this, but hopefully your daughter can corroborate this story. Was she using mouthwash too?...
How does Wet Reckless appear on criminal record
I was arrested for a DUI in 2006 but plead down to a wet reckless. Luckily I have not been in any legal trouble since. Now I'm afraid my past is coming back to haunt me. I live in CA, and have been offered a job for a company based out of state. They have offered me the job, contingent upon me passing a criminal background and DMV records check. I was able to pull my DMV record and the conviction is no longer on there. I'm nervous though about the criminal record part. I know that a wet reckless is a misdemeanor, but what EXACTLY does it say (what details are listed) on the criminal record? Neither the criminal record nor driving record were mentioned in the job description or interview. I want to be honest, but don't want to divulge unnecessary information. Please advise.
I'm surprised that the "wet reckless" has dropped off your DMV printout. Are you sure about that? Best thing to do is...
I have to face 2nd DUI charges and plea- how many days of jail can still qualify me for home arrest or work furlough.
Monterey County CA. A very overcrowded jail. 2nd DUI 1.5 weeks short from last DUI 10 years ago. So it's literally 10 years from my last prior. Single mom, student, no family or friends in state to help me, disabled and my child has special needs. Will any of these matter to them? I cannot go to jail.
Sorry to hear about your situation. It matter quite a bit on the facts of the case, the DA and the judge. With a...
DUI, Probation, Out of State
Can California-imposed DUI probation be served out of state (New York)?
Yes, as long as it is not supervised probation, which requires approval of the probation department as to where you...
Is it possible to get the status of an Application for Termination of Action from CA DMV?
My brother lives in Connecticut. He has a California DUI as the result of a court conviction. The period of his license suspension ended in February. He has served his community service (in CT) and done his DUI class/group sessions. He has filed his Application for Termination of Action for non-residents, supplied the necessary proof of insurance (SR22), and included a check for the $235 fee. It has been well over a month since all this was mailed and he has heard nothing and has been unable to reach anyone helpful by phone. Is there a way to check status, and is there some time limit/commitment for CA to respond? The check has not been cashed. Lack of a license is threatening his livelihood, very frustrating. Thanks for any info/help you can provide!
He will need to contact the Driver Safety Office in Sacramento. Here is the link
How to dismiss bench warrant related to not paying fine for a DUI
I was convicted of a 1st time DUI in Santa Clara county California in Feb of '09 and received 14 days sheriffs duty, needed to complete alcohol treatment, and pay a fine of $1800. At the time, I did not have the money nor a job so I had to move out of state to live with relatives. I did not pay the fine or complete the other requirements so I am certain there is a bench warrant for my arrest. I can now pay the fine in full and plan to complete the rest of the requirements, but I still live out of state. Can I hire an attorney, provide him with the funds to pay the fine, and have him find out how to fulfill the rest of the probation requirements? Will paying the fine dismiss my bench warrant?
In California, an attorney can appear on your behalf in most misdemeanor cases if you complete what is called a "977...