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18 months. I would like to have my record sealed. How much $$$$?
No blood alcohol level. Breathe nor blood. I wand it sealed. 18 months probation. CWOF
You would need to file a petition to seal in the court in which you were placed on probation
Can I file a class action lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down my phone and potential he trying to make me upgrad
Can I file a class action lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down my phone and potential he trying to make me upgrad My operating system in my phone is extremely slow and the battery does not last long at all I have an iPhone 6 Plus
Apple is already being sued. You don't just start a class action suit. You and others need to be certified as a class....
Oui Massachusetts. My license issued in New Hampshire. Still need to surrender my license?
Done in question
New Hampshire will be notified of the OUI and will suspend your license in NH. Best to hire an OUI attorney to...
I'm 13 and I smoked weed for the first time on Monday and I have a Physical Wednesday will they know
Ok so they might be taking my blood test or pee test will they know I'm freaking out help fast
There is no reason to believe that they will take a drug test as part of a standard physical. Even if they do they will...
Will a drunk driving conviction prevent me from becoming a teacher
conviction in may 2017
Best way to find out for sure is to call the State Board of Licensing and ask. You could probably do it without giving...
Probation Violation after 2nd DUI, should I get a lawyer? Can I talk to PO before hearing? Will I need to plead right away?
I recently got a probation violation, on probation for a 2nd DUI. The charges are failure to report (monthly by mail), failure to pay probation fees, and failure to complete classes. I have been scheduled to start class 1 in June (PO was aware), and the aftercare classes in July (PO was not aware). My failure to report was due to being in school full time, as well as not having enough money to pay the fees on time. I will soon be working full time as school has ended. It is my first official violation, but I was late once before with a warning. What are the chances my probation will be revoked and jail reinstated (90 dday ss)? Do I need a lawyer? Will I be able to sort it out with my PO first? Can I ask for a monetary extension during the hearing? HELP!!
You should hire an attorney immediately! You could be detained (placed in custody) pending a final probation violation...
Will an OUI that was Continued Without a Finding of guilty show up on a FBI Criminal Background even after probation is finished
First offense OUI was pled out as a CWOF. My probation is complete, but certain jobs that I will be applying for require me to provide an FBI Criminal Background check. Now that the probation is over will this still show up on my background?
Yes. The FBI background check will show the dismissal. Even if you seal the record, the FBI will still have access.