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Do i have to attend dui classes and get a sr22 to renew my license.
18 years ago i got a dui while visiting my girl in s license was suspended by the courts for 3-6 months cant recall exactly but did pay fines and was not told to take any dui courses or to get sr22. came home to ri got my license and have been incident free for 18 years .2015 my license will expire from its 2010 issue date .i go to registry with renewal form and out of the blue sc has a stop on the procedure and i am told to call the sc dmv to get things straight.they told me i had outstanding fines.told them i would pay and if they would put it as resolved in the computer so i could renew my license. i was told no and i also needed to attend dui classes in ri and send the results to sc. pay fines and get sr22 before they do anything. do i have any legal leverage?
Likely not. We are all slaves to the DMV no matter what state. The DMV can impose its own penalties that the Judge...
Refusal question, if you plea to the dui in District court will the refusal be dismissed in the traffic court?
Just wondering how that works, thanks for any information.
It's not automatic and there is no special formula to reach this kind of disposition. Best to contact a skilled DUI...
My license was suspended in Mass for OUI but my New York State license is valid, can I drive in states other than Massachusetts?
I have a NYS license and just downloaded my driving record which states the license is valid. Will I have any issue driving in other states?
No under the interstate compact of 1983 ur license will shoos suspended if police fun it. It is also illegal to have...
Can u get your license back after a dui from 10 yrs. ago. Did not complete community service or drivers retraining.
Have not driven since dui charges. Never did anything about it.
You need to sit down with an attorney & have them review your previous case. If you owe court fine those will have to...
My driving licence is suspended in Rhode Island for chemical refusal, am I allowed to drive in other states?
Am I allowed to drive on suspended DL as I have to drive to office in another state and without driving privileges in RI, I am not sure if I can drive in another state i.e MA. Please advise.
If your driver's license is suspended, then you are driving without a valid license. No state I am aware of permits...
I have a DUI on my driving record from 10 ago
My car insurance doesn't use it against me can i get it expunged
Car insurance has nothing to do with this. You have a criminal conviction. Contact a RI attorney about your...
If i had a misdemeanor dui in rhode island am i allowed to puchase a firearm?
Have misdemeanor receiving stolen property and misdemeanor dui on my record
Well, the general rule is you can't have a gun if you are a felon. Many states restrict if you have protective orders,...