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I was just arrested for driving while drinking. Two years ago I was arrested for assault and it was decr to disorderly conduct
My charge from two years ago was granted a PBJ and can be expunged from my record after I alhave completed court ordered alcohol treatment. This was an isolated incident where a family member assaulted me and was defending myself and was seen by arriving officers and was arrested because they saw me defending myself. I hate been trying to get my nursing license renewed and it is now up to the board to grant it or not. The worst thing is, I made a very bad decision recently any was arrested for drinking any driving. What do i do now? Am I going tie like the chance to get my license renewed?
The DUI charges have administrative consequences in addition to the serious traffic charges. You face a possible...
What can I expect on a first offense driving on a suspended licence if I had my licence reinstated before my court date?
Years ago I received a DUI in Maryland with a Pennsylvania licence. Everything about said DUI has been closed and finished. However, one of the requirements was to take alcohol education classes which I did take, but the completion letter never got forwarded to the MVA. In turn I've been suspended in Maryland for years unaware. I recently got pulled over only to find out my driving privileges in Maryland were suspended and that it was a must appear in court. I did all of the leg work of getting the Alcohol councilor to resend the completion letter and got a printout confirmation from the MVA that my licence has been reinstated and has no Maryland points. What is likely going to happen in court? Also, I know it is always good to get legal council, however given the context, do I necessarily need representation for a forgiving outcome on a first offense that has been satisfied before court?
Perhaps the State might dismiss the charge, or perhaps the Court will offer probation before judgment.
Can i still get a dental hygiene license after receiving 2 DUIs more than 5 years ago
I had my first one 10 years ago and then another one 5 years ago. I cannot find exact details on this on the Maryland Dental Board. I just got accepted into hygiene school and am so nervous that I will not be able to obtain a license when school is finished. I do not drink anymore and extremely focused on my future. HELP!
I would think that you would be able to get your dental hygiene license, but make sure you tell the truth on your...
If I violated a probation before judgement for underage drinking, by getting another drinking citation, what should I expect?
I attend a college in MD. I received a civil citation in April of 2014 for underage consumption and my sentence was probation before judgement stating I was to abstain from drinking til I was 21 and I had to pay $140.00 in fines. This last week I was found by campus police and received another drinking citation but also was arrested for obstructing and hindering. What should I expect this time as punishment?
You should expect no more PBJ's, possibly never being able to expunge this from your record, a violation of probation...
What should I do about a warrant for a drinking citation in ohio? I was 20 and it was almost 3 years ago.
I am married with three children now. The only time I have ever been in trouble was a pbj for a marijuana possession when I was 19. I am about to graduate with my BA in Nursing and I'm wondering how it will effect my job search and how it will effect me trying to get a passport.
You need to get an Ohio attorney to represent you. Repost your question by listing the location as Ohio or use the...
I was arrested in November 2012 for DUI, DWI & driving an unsafe vehicle on Hwy. while on vacation in Maryland. I reside in NJ.
I was convicted in NJ for my 2nd DUI last week. (First DUI was 9 years ago). I received 30 hours of community service, a required IDRC program, fines, court fees and loss of license for 2 1/2 years. Prior to my NJ trial, I voluntarily admitted myself to a 28 day inpatient rehab program, and currently attend nightly AA meetings 7 days a week. My trial for the MD arrest is in March 2013. I have not yet retained a lawyer in MD but am currently looking. Will this be considered a third offense in Maryland? Is jail time a mandatory sentence & for how long? Is probation and option? Please give me worse case scenarios. Any good DUI lawyer recommendations would be appreciated!
The Maryland State's Attorney may file an enhanced penalty depending on if they have found your prior convictions in...
Citizenship and DUI / DWI
I had a DWI in 2006 which resulted in PBJ and another DWI in 2007 (after first probation had ended). The second DWI got me 3 years probation but no jail time. I completed all requirements and the probation ended in December 2011. I had no infractions since, except for two minor traffic tickets. My Green Card expires in September, 5.5 years after the end of the last probation. What would be a prudent course of action? Apply for Citizenship? Apply for a renewal of Green Card? Do nothing? I have a disabled 16 y.o. child, an American citizen. I'm divorced from his father and am the sole caregiver. It has precluded me from having a regular job. I own a small business, but it's only intermittently active. I haven't traveled out of the country for 17 years. My FBI record, strangely, doesn't show my two DWIs, but I know I can't lie on the application. I'm afraid the discrepancy in records may complicate things. I'm afraid to put myself on the radar. Also, I have a significant one, who is an American, but we are not officially married. Would marriage give more weight to the application? What else can I do to increase my chances? Thank you in advance!
I would apply for both at the same time and make sure to work with an experienced immigration lawyer and have him/her...