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  • Transient Convicted For Killing Woman Who Refused to...

    Yesterday | via 

    A transient is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering an 89-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman in the senior citizen's Culver City home about 4 1/2 years ago, a prosecutor said Wednesday. Zackariah Timothy Lehnen, 35, was convicted Tuesday of first-degree murder for the stabbing and beating deaths of Lucien Bergez and Erica Escobar, according to Deputy District Attorney Keri Modder.


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  • Katie Holmes slips into theatrical culotte suit hour...

    Friday Nov 20 | via Daily Mail 

    BREAKING NEWS: Jihadist gunmen launch grenade and shooting rampage in hotel and take 170 guests and staff hostage in Mali Is this the on-the-run Paris jihadist in disguise? Image 'circulated by French police shows Salah Abdeslam in wig and glasses' as it's claimed he's also fleeing ISIS chiefs who are angry that he failed mission Revealed: The cheap, easy-to-make amphetamine pill that is fueling Syria civil war by keeping ISIS fighters on their feet for DAYS at a time EXCLUSIVE 'I would rather lose my own life than let someone else die alone': Heroine waitress relives terror of Paris cafe attack and reveals why she risked her life to comfort dying victims Half of the Paris terrorist squad were known to US intelligence for months and had been 'watched' or placed on no fly lists 'We are prepared to change the rules of engagement in fight against ISIS': US Defense Secretary warns of tougher ... (more)


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  • 15-Year-Old Boy Killed in Hit and Run Was 'Sweet Kid'

    Tuesday Nov 17 | via NBC Los Angeles 

    Police were searching for a car after the driver struck a pedestrian and fled in the Culver City area, the Los Angeles Police Department said Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015. Friends on Tuesday remained in shock over the death of a 15-year-old who was waiting for a ride home when he was struck and killed Sunday night by a hit-and-run driver.


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  • LAPD Chief Responds To Investigation Into Stray-Bull...

    Wednesday Oct 28 | via CBS Local 

    LOS ANGELES - LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Wednesday responded to an investigation into a stray-bullet shooting that occurred in Culver City. "I can assure everybody," Beck said, "that we will find out what his involvement is and we will take appropriate action."


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  • Man with knife shot, critically wounded by LAPD near...

    Tuesday Oct 27 | via Los Angeles Times 

    Los Angeles police shot and injured a man near Magnolia Avenue and 27th Street, about four blocks from USC's University Park campus. Los Angeles police shot and injured a man near Magnolia Avenue and 27th Street, about four blocks from USC's University Park campus.


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  • Culver City Hosts IndieCade

    Oct 21, 2015 | via 

    The retired "The Price Is Right" host has been hospitalized after tripping on a curb in the Hollywood Hills and hitting his head. A dental technician who said she was punched and groped by Charlie Sheen then paid $500 for "her troubles" is suing her former boss.


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Culver City Law

Can hospitals charge you for DUI blood test? The police officer took me to an emergency room for blood test because they
couldn't get a reading on the breathizer. Now I am billed over $600 from the hospital. Is this legal?
Depends. When you say police "couldn't get a reading" on the Breathalyzer I'm very skeptical. Often police try and...
Does California DMV always respond and punish a California driver if he is found guilty of a DUI in another state?
I'm aware of the 45 state compact in regards to states sharing info...does Cal always respond? And if I'm convicted of a DUI (even with a lawyer representing me out of state), are there things that can be done here that can soften the rath of the Cal DMV?
I cannot safely say that California always picks-up and sanctions those who are found guilty in another state. But it...
Can I be charged for DUI hit and run based on witness account?
I was not drinking but looked at my phone and scraped (no dent, just paint loss) the car in front of me as I was changing lanes to the right. I don't know what this looked like to the witness who called it in, but I am concerned that I may have appeared impaired to the witness. Making matters worse is that as I pulled to the right I merged onto a separate freeway before pulling over. I just freaked out once I made contact with the car and I didn't stop immediately, assuming they would follow me which they did not. Since the car I hit did not follow me, I did not report the accident but a witness clearly did as my parents received a letter in the mail about an accident involving a car registered to my father. I am terrified that they will try to pin a DUI on me even though I was not drunk.
Typically it is difficult for the prosecution to charge you with a DUI when they don't have any evidence of alcohol....
Does a 5 yr-old misdemeanor DUI expunged 2 years ago qualify as "prior criminal record" on a new prescription pill possession?
If the DA or court is planning on determining eligibility for a drug diversion program, am I considered ineligible due to prior criminal history? I'm otherwise a studious college student without even a speeding ticket since my DUI at age 22.
The DUI does count as prior criminal record, but may not prevent you from being eligible for diversion. The fact that...
How many days of jail time do you receive if you opt to not pay DUI fines once it has resulted in a warrant??
My boyfriend was arrested in Pasadena for a DUI warrant. He had been paying the scheduled payments but couldn't afford it anymore and just stopped. Now that he has been arrested, he is opting to do the jail time to avoid having to pay the fines, since this became a DUI warrant, how many days of jail time would they possibly give him??
Well the judge can impose additional time for the probation violation as well. The typical sentence to pay off all the...
Is being just over the legal limit for a dwi horrible, i understand its illegal but does this help even a little bit?
Is this even considered by da and judge etc.
I suggest you speak with a local criminal defense lawyer that is familiar with DWI DUI laws in California. In general,...
Am I obligated to pay for the instructor's "no show" DUI classes?
I am on the 3 months court ordered DUI program. On 3 occasions the instructor didn't show up, so after 10 minutes the entire group went home with the credit for the class given but also charged for the class as it actually took place as well. Is it up to the facility to decide it or there is some law dictating whether the charges can be applied or not.
I know of no law on the matter. You might check with your attorney. I guess as long as you are getting credit you do...