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What takes place with a vasap evaluation since ive petitioned for my driving privileges to be reinstated. H.o in 92
I was declared a H.O in 1992. I just petitioned the court for my privileges to be reinstated. Ive done driver improvement course paid all money owed dont drink and recieved a letter from dmv stating that I have nothing to keep me from getting my liscense back. Just wondering what the vasap evaluation involves?
Dear Culpeper - You should expect to interviewed, like you would be if you were convicted of a DUI. Questions about...
I got caught for second time in less than 5 years for DUI 0.14 got no other charges. Can a lawyer negotiate jail time?
I was going on and off the road. They pulled me over, they ask if I was intoxicated, I said I had 6 beers. they did the test and arrested me. What negotiations can a lawyer do for me?
A lawyer can always negotiate the disposition of a criminal charge. A 2nd offense carries a mandatory 20 days in jail...
MY HUSBAND GOT A SECOND DUI,his sentencing is 365 days with 330 suspended,he has been a resident for 2 years,can he loose his GC
MY husband got a SECOND DUI , his sentence was 365 days with 330 suspended, he has been a permanent resident for 2 years, do you think he can be deported?
This is really an immigration question rather than a DWI question. I am transferring your question there in the hope...
Do I have A chance to fight this violation?
I have a Lifesafer lock on my truck on December 2014 I blew a fail and called my VSAP as soon as I did and told them what I drank and how much. As a result I had to restart my 6mth monitoring over and pay VSAP $50 a month and $80 montly for the device what a pain but it was my fault. I work from home and we had had a lot of snow and ice and hadn't started my truck for 2 wks till 2/18/2015 at 11am I had not been drinking I blew a fail I turned truck off and did what the paper said if false positive went back blew a warning but was able to start truck i assumed it just needed to warm up while waiting it signaled to blow again and it failed with truck running this happened all within 1 hr. Waited for VSAP to get back from lunch to tell them what happened tried again at 1:20pm an it passed.
No way to know without getting and overlooking all the evidences surrounding this issue.
I have been attending ASAP classes and just yesterday, I tested positive. What happens now to me when I go in front of the jugde
I would like to know what are the consequences of testing postive at the ASAP class? From what I understand is that I have to go in front of the judge who will then decide my punishment. What will happen and what will be done?. I have a clean record and this was my first DUI conviction ever in my life. I sincerely would like another chance to complete the ASAP class. Would this be a possibility or am I facing jail time? Thank you for your help. Kindly,
As you know, as part of your DUI probation, you were required to follow all terms and conditions of ASAP. One...
What can I do to contest a DUI charge in Virginia?
I submitted to FSTs and roadside breath. Refused breath/blood at station. Transported to the hospital after having an anxiety attack. I am also in the military and facing several issues as well.
You can retain an attorney. It's futile trying to do anything on your own. If you knew the law you wouldn't have...
Legal Liability DUI - post separation
My wife's a drunk. She hasnt had a DUI yet, but drinks and drives all the time. I used to take her keys away and lock them in the safe on a regular basis while we were together. During the 6 years we were together I think she was hospitalized for falling down the stairs twice and for alcohol detox with DTs 3 times (Or something like that, I lost count). Now that we're getting separated and I've found a place to stay, I kept her keys because I feel that I would still be liable if I let her drive. Is that correct? Can I address this in a separation agreement or do we need to re-title the cars and re-do the loan first? What if she gets a rental car on her own credit card?
Are you talking about civil or criminal liability? If you are this concerned then I suggest that you get into a...