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Is what my local cps office is doing to me legal Does cps have to give my child back
Was the passenger in wreck my child was at home safe in bed when I was takin to hospital cps was called by hospital cause of drug test takin by hospital and hospital staff gave cps my test result without me signing anything giving them permission to. they took my son on Feb 27th 2016 this is Feb 5th 2017 I have passed every drug test urine and folical test since may 2016 done parenting classes got certificate and still not allowed to see me child unless supervised please help me
You will need to consult with a local family lawyer for help to review what has been done and advise you further. Cps...
Will a dismissed DUI revoke my husbands probation & send him to prison?
He has been on probation for 2yrs without any issues. No failed or missed drug screens, nor any missed check ins and all his fines on this charge are paid in full. He received a DUI on a Saturday, the following Monday he contacted probation in person. They arrested him, he's been there 64 days. The DUI has been dismissed! What are his chances of having his probation reinstated? Anything I should to communicate to his attorney? From what I read on the laws, he can only be sentenced if he's a threat to society,himself or has shown no respect for his probation! Honestly could they truly send him to prison for having a drink 1 time in 2yrs?
Hard to say without knowing the facts. A re-arrest for any offense (and DUI is considered a serious misdemeanor offense)...
What can I expect in court appearance for contempt charges
I had court appearance for failure to pay fines for DUI & driving with no DL. I was arrested for contempt of court because my alcohol level was 0.24 that day.I have served 30 days with no bond. Court date is soon & it's rumored the city prosecutor is seeking court ordered treatment. I do not want this. What can I expect in court? Shouldn't my jail sentence be sufficient?
Then you should get representation. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer" tool to locate a local lawyer. Good luck.
What to expect in court for probation violation?
Son on probation for 3 DUI & ordered to complete inpatient 1year rehab program. He only completed 9 months but fines paid in full. What might we expect in court for probation violation? Suspended jail sentence? Opportunity to go to rehab again? Complete outpatient program equivalent to 90 days he lacked?
I do not practice on your jurisdiction, but Pennsylvania is probably similar in handling probation violations. A lot...
What are my options? current DUI case pending, threatened with deadly weapon. Scared.....
I am currently awaiting trial for a DUI which is my 3rd or 4th offense. Not sure how it will be charged. I was asked to help locate a person who "skipped" out on bond by my bail bondsman, I asked around once for an address & now I have been threatened with a gun held in my face. I did not tun them in because I'm afraid. I am also afraid if I go to jail my life will be in danger. What can help me or will the law help protect me with this. What about court ordered "rehab" in lieu of jail?? Away from this area....
You need to seek the professional services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you are...
I was recently arrested for a dui after a 1 car accident from which I walked away from the scene. A passer by called police and
I was taken back to scene 1 hour later.Approximately 1 yr ago I had a 1st offense DUI dismissed in court.Can this DUI be charged as my 2nd one? Or since the other was dismissed will it be my 1st offense?
For purposes of any mandatory sentencing provisions, this will be considered a first offense. That does not mean that...
Had a DUI in North Carolina in 2001, nothing sense ?
DUI in North Carolina in 2001. Can I get my liences in Alabama ?
Yes. As long as your NC license is in good standing and not suspended or revoked.