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I am required to have an IID installed for my 3rd offense DUI in WI. I am in the military.
My one car already has the IID installed in WI. If my second car is registered in another state will that car also have to have an IID installed in that one as well? Are there any other states that if my car is registered to I wouldnt have an IID in that car?
If you have a Wisconsin Drivers license and you are driving under that license, you cannot drive any vehicle that does...
Is there any way to by pass the required ignition interlock device from being installed in my vehicle?
I'm required to have an IID installed in my vehicle but I'm looking to wait it out so not to incur the extra charges. I was told I will no matter what i would have to have it for the 2 years whenever I decide to get my occupational or even wait the 2 year revocation. Is this true or is there a way to wait it out.
You will not get any sort of license back without it. You have to do it for 2 years.
Why when my son has 1 OWI in Wisc is his attorney telling him he will be serving 3-6 months in jail, have to put a device in car
He had a DUI in Illinois a year ago, and was pulled over in Wisc, submitted to Breathalyzer on scene. He has been diagnosed in the past as bipolar, suicidal, has been in and out of rehabs since finding his dad passed away and the anniversary of this unfortunately set him off. He has been wearing the ankle bracelet for 90 days with no issue, and his public defender is telling him he will be serving 3-6 months in jail?
An ignition interlock device is required on a second offense. And a 2nd offense in Milwaukee County (assuming that's...
Will I "ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO" to have the ignition interlock device installed if I move from WI to CA, not on National Database.
I got a 3rd DUI offense in Wisconsin (10 years apart) but blew over the limit and I am required to have the ignition interlock device. I am done with the 2 years of no license, but now I am required to have the device for 2 more years. I am looking to move to another state for work, and the following applies: 1. Wisconsin is a "non" participant in the Interstate Drivers Compact. 2. I AM NOT ON THE NATIONAL DRIVERS REGISTER (Checked By the California DMV, as I use to live there.) My main question is: 1. Can't I just apply for a brand new license, and register a new vehicle in another state without the ignition interlock device if I am not on the National Drivers Database? 2. When I called California, she said there was no restrictions on my old license (if renewed) and I was not on the National database. So, couldn't I move there and start over? P.s. I have been sober for over 2 years now, and I am justr looking to start over. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
You need to check with a CA lawyer, but the answer probably depends on the questions on CA application for renewal....
What happens if you get a DUI from hitting another running car when drunk?
What is the likely consequence for someone who hit a moving vehicle when drunk, and this is their 4th DUI within approx 20 years? The person hit was not injured. Their last DUI was approx 3 1/2 years ago and they were allowed to complete a 7 month sentence in a work release facility. For this DUI, they were put in County jail and will be there indefinitely until their court date . The person at fault does not have money to pay for a lawyer.
That'd be a felony. The minimum confinement is 6 months jail. Maximum is 6 years prison. The likely consequences...
Why is the "imposed and stayed" sentence being used versus the actual conditional jail time?
I regards to 346.63(1)(a) - I was sentenced to 1 year jail, the sentence was imposed and stayed. The condition was 2 years probation with 90 days jail time, fine, and community service. All conditions have been met, probation completed and the sentence was never imposed. IID 24 months + 45 days, completes in the next month. Revocation 24 months + 343.30(1r). DOT has my revocation as 24 months + 1 year.
You need specifically tailored legal advice from a seasoned professional with decades of experience, not just general...
What is Harris Counties range of extradition or how far would Harris County travel for a class b misdemeanor?
Hello I was wondering how far Harris County in Texas would travel to pick up someone with a class b misdemeanor for a DUI. I'm currently way in Wisconsin(1000 miles away). I imagine this would cost them a gargantuan amount of money to come and collect me.
You are unlikely to be extradited on a misdemeanor offense. That being said, the fact that it is a DUI offense means...