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Dui expungement
I had a dui 8 years ago and submitted the forms to expunge the record with the help of a public defender when i do recieve a court date whay type of supporting evidence should i provide
Your public defender would be able to give you that information. Most importantly make sure you've successfully...
Dui arrest?
I was pulled over a night after drinking with some friends which I shouldn't had done. I was a minor at that point. I got pulled over and the officer asked me if I was drinking. They did some test afterward and issue me a citation ticket and a form that says I was drinking under age. They then asked me if someone was nearby to pick me up since I couldn't drive, and I said yes. Then when the person arrive, I was free to go. Does this count as a arrest and will it show in my record? I Wasn't taken down to the station and they didn't call my parents, but will this still count as a arrest? Another thing is that a mail was send after a few days to my house from the CHP saying that I was arrested. But I wasn't taken to custody and no picture or finger were taken. does still count as an arrest?
Is CHP California Highway Patrol? Do you have a court date?
Is the DUI arresting officer present during the court hearing ?
Will the arresting officer be present on my court date ? DUI
The arresting officer won't be present unless you're at trial or a motion to suppress evidence. You need a lawyer.
DUI--- Assuming I have a public defender- is he going to represent me at the court hearing ?
Does it mean that he or she will be responding to the questions instead of me?
Public defenders cannot represent you at DMV hearings but they can represent you during your court proceeding.
I will ask for a DUI public defender . Will I be asked any other questions besides the ones determining my eligibility?
Should I be prepared for any questioning besides eligibility for a public defender or the second court date will be scheduled for that purpose?
Every attorney is different. A good attorney should talk to you about your case. Some attorneys don't talk to you. With...
I was arrested for DUI after blowing a .08(I am 20 years old). I have a lawyer already, can I avoid having my license suspended?
The officer claimed he stopped me because my headlights were out and I turned them on once I passed his car. I know this isn't true but I don't know how that can be proven. My car is red and heavily tinted so I get pulled over often just because. I passed the field test and I'm not sure what I blew when they had me sit on the curb. They said they were going to let me go until they asked my age, I turn 21 in 3 months. I blew .08 at the station and the officer informed me the charge would likely be reduced because of low BAC. I hired a lawyer immediately after who said the same thing. This is somewhat of a relief but I can not lose my license, I live by myself, attend night classes 20 minutes away and I work 30 minutes away. Is there any way to save my license, DMV record and criminal record
Yes, its not easy and the facts have to be there but yes, DMV hearings can be won.
DUI case- first time- what happens if I don't have ANY MONEY to pay fines ?
I am DUI first time offender don't have a job, savings and literally no money. What can I expect as a penalty ? or any suggestions greatly appreciated.
RELAX. Go to court when ordered and ask for a pibloc defender.