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1st offense DUI in TN while on vacation?
I received a 1st offense DUI in TN while on vacation. I live in Florida. I have recently endured financial set backs and cannot afford representation at my approaching court date, but am employed and consequently do not qualify for a public defender. What should I do?
Your best bet is to ask the judge for some additional time to hire an attorney. It will save you money in the long run.
Will dui violate state probation class c felony
will dui violate state probation class c felony
Almost certainly. Simply being charged with a crime is enough to warrant a probation violation in Tennessee. You...
Will i lose my tennessee dl if I am charged with owi in indiana but have not been to court yet ?
I was charged with owi in INDIANA paid a lawyer in Indiana to handle my case but could not show up for the proceedings In Indiana how will the interstate compact affect my license and extradition I in tennessee
I am changing the category to DUI so that someone who practices in that area can answer.
Will I be able to get charges dropped being that a cop threatened to "I'm gonna be the f*** out of you your going to jail
cop was running 80+ mph I pulled out on a highway 40 mph posted speed limit well he almost hit me in reference end and had to leave road way he charged me reckless driving driving on suspended license and reckless endangerment times 3 with a deadly weapon saying my truck is a deadly weapon but before he arrested me he said I'm going to beat the f*** out of you you're going to jail and he did not read me my rights
Get a lawyer. After the lawyer investigates all the facts and circumstances, he or she might be able to answer this...
How do I apply for a restricted license?
I currently hve a suspended license an according to the dmv website I can't get em reinstated until 2019, thts why I need to apply for a restricted license, i hve 2 small kids an they hve doctor appointments an i need to be able to carry them an to school also.
You should talk to an attorney about why your license is suspended. Based on that answer, an attorney could advise you...
I was arraigned on a DUI for medication and my court date was set for 6 mos after - is this legal?
I also received one a month later that I pled guilty to to get out of jail. Is the first still considered a DUI 1 and none of my medication bottles state any type of warning regarding operation of motor vehicles until you now how it affects you and I was prescribed to take them 2 x 's per day. Who's to say I took them that morning, yet they would still be in my system. Is this legitimate for a not guilty plea ?
You ask many questions which suggests you would benefit from retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney in your...
I'm 19 and got charged with underage consumption and open container what is the penalty for that in Tennessee
I also jus got off probation a week ago
Underage Consumption is a class A misdemeanor. Unless otherwise specified, class A misdemeanors carry no mandatory...