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Most likely. You should have your attorney request a continuance and show up (miss work) if it is not granted....
I have a defense for my DUI believe it or not. Why would a lawyer plea bargain me?
Ignorance of the law is no defense. The police and DA are violating my civil rights and causing pain and suffering over a traffic violation. I had surgery to remove my uterus. I fell asleep at a stop light and the guy behind me called the police. I told the police I had surgery and was given to much anesthesia. Therefore probable cause for Secondary Victimization. But they ignored me. Secondary Victimization give me immunity from prosecution. Instead they took me to the ER in an ambulance but they made me leap into the ambulance without a gurney. Ripping a muscle in my rectum. I was afraid and I trust the police so I gave them my blood. They had no legal right to my blood because they are ignorant of the law under secondary victimization . They never read me my rights . A small amount of oxycontin was found in my blood. I was charged as a criminal. I am not a drug addict or drink alcohol of any kind. The pain and suffering about being a criminal is unbearable. I am a 61 years old female with NO criminal record. I raised a stellar family. All highly educated. I am looking for a African American female lawyer because it was a AAF that told me about the Anesthesia
Sorry, but SV is a social science term having no application to criminal defense. You are on the wrong track. You may...
Can a drunk driver know you called the police on them?
I was driving behind a drunk driver called the police gave my name and description of the vehicle. He was arrested, can he find out that I called the cops for his drunk driving?
It would depend if you are listed in the complaint against the drive. The affidavit of probable cause may only list...
How can judge repeal the smart start for a second dui offender? Offender also showed up to prob officer drunk.
Judge stated second dui offender is taken off smart start. DUI offender was at highest dui rate in Pennsylvania. Thought all 2nd time offenders automatically have to have smart start for 1 year.
Because he/she have the power to do so, doesn't mean he/she can't be appealed. For that is what God made the Superior...
Requirements to obtain IILL (Ignition Interlock Limited License)?
I would like some help understanding the requirements to obtaining an IILL. I have received my first offense under 21 DUI, It was officially suspended November 2nd. I did however have a license suspension for driving without a license as it was suspended for not paying fines on time that I did not know about. I know for a OLL (occupational limited license) You must serve 2 months of your suspension, but however DUI's will rule you ineligible. That being said, I am asking about the IILL, I know for a DUI you are immediately eligible but what happens because of my "Driving while suspended"? Do I have to wait two months and then submit a form? I am 19 almost 20 and this is my first DUI if it matters, I would appreciate if a DUI attorney or anyone else with knowledge on this topic would be able to help me out and give me advice as I cannot afford to miss work and it is very hard to make it on time. Thank you. Also Pennsylvania, Bucks County
The reason why no one online is answering your question is because your question is too specific and complicated for an...
First time DUI in Pa.?
My Daughter 26 stayed after work at the bar restaurant she works at and had some drinks. Leaving in the early morning hours she ran off the road into the fields totalling her car. She almost never drinks ; this was literally a one time thing. She also has an excellent driving record before now.As I am retired on a fixed income cannot really afford a high price lawyer. What kind of fine and sentencing and driver license loss is she looking at. Zero criminal record.
She will probably qualify for ARD. Probation and expungement of record. I hope she is ok. (2 daughters). She needs a...
How can i take care of two warrants in 2 different countries and avoid jail time?
I have two different bench warrants both for not appearing in philadelphia for a amp2 hearing and bucks county for a dui vop hearing for not completing the dui classes from 2012. But i never got any mail saying i had court. I didn't know about court so i obviously didnt show up. This happened on the dui case once before. I got picked up and didnt know i had a warrant. The judge let me go on gps home monitoring. I want to avoid getting picked up and sitting in jail till i see a judge so i want to turn my self in.
Two warrants; one answer. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney and follow his or her advice. Good luck.