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What would if any would jail time be for 2 dui charges a hit and run and a drunk in public?
There is a charge of hit and run it was a telephone pole and all was paid for, but then one dui and two months later another dui, and about two months after the last dui a drunk in public. Wondering if looking at any jail time and if so how much?
If I understand your question correctly, you had 4 incidents. Crashing into the pole, 2 DUIs and drunk in public....
Will owing a dui fine affect my green card renewal?
I was given a fine for a dui that I have not been able to pay. Will this affect my green card renewal ? I have no warrant for my arrest for non payment.
You are focusing on the fine. I will focus on the conviction from which the fine sprang. Driving under the...
How can I expunge two separate DUIs; One from about 10 years about and one from 3? Which one should I attempt first?
I got my first DUI when I was 21 and my second when I was 28. Both about the same BACs, it was high. I have since finished all requirements, fines, etc. I have just recently graduated college and want to start applying for jobs but feel with these one my record, I won't get the fair chance as others competing for the same position. I would ideally like to get them both expunged, but if I can only get one at a time, or one in generally...I'm thinking the most recent would benefit me the most. What should I do and how should I go about this process?
You can go about petitioning to dismiss both convictions at the same time. It's a straightforward procedure that...
Can I find new representation for my dui case?
The attorney assigned me from the PDO hasn't returned many of my calls and my pre trial is coming up in the end of May, should I try to find an attorney myself or should I just keep trying? I was accused of a dui for being under the influence of my prescription anxiety medication following an accident, I wasn't driving under the influence, I was driving in an unfamiliar area and someone pulled out of a parking lot in front of me so I swerved to avoid getting hit, not knowing that there was a curb in the center divide, I hit my head on the roof of my car and began having a very intense panic attack, after discovering that my vehicle was no longer operable I immediately took my medication, when the officer showed up my medication had begun to take effect. The officer never asked if I was alright, instead he proceeded to perform a field sobriety test, I complied even though I was in pain and knew that I probably wouldn't pass. The officer told me that I could either go with him to get a blood test then to jail or go with the ambulance, I obviously chose the ambulance and went to the hospital. there is more to the story that I can't fit in this explanation, please help.
You can always hire private counsel. DUI drugs are fairly technical, and a private attorney can secure the proper...
I was intoxicated and the police showed up to a scene, i did not have keys, was in drivers seat. Can i get a dui.
If I was intoxicated and not in the drivers seat when the cops showed up after my car was hit by a train, keys were in ignition and I admit to driving since the actual driver fled to get help since we were in the middle of no where... can i still be charged with a dui? I absolutely do no recall speaking to the officer's bevause I had blown a .19 . Apparently they had me sign paperwork that I do not recall either. My car was completely totalled once the train hit of course and I was first takem to the hospital then womens prison. If someone may please contact me at their earliest convenience. Thank you.
You need a criminal attorney. Stop posting and get with an attorney.
How can the court say 3 days in jail for 1st dui at the first court date following DUI
My first ever DUI at 23. I got a ticket and my truck impounded on site yet I was released to my mothers care for 24 hrs as she agreed and signed a form to do so. This was the offices idea. He went to my moms house 2am got her to come get me after he wrote ticket. I blew almost 2 times over limit on site as well. Now at first appearance in court they are saying 3 days to do in jail. How? Why?
More information is needed. Do you have an attorney? Has a public defender been appointed? Did you enter a plea of...
Can a judge help me get my license back? It was revoked in 2004 for a 2nd dui.
As you are aware, part of mt sentencing for the 2nd DUI was that I had to complete a 18 month drug and alcohol course. I enrolled in the classes and completed all but the last ten hours of the course. I was dismissed in 2007 because I fell behind one payment. This was at the time the housing crisis was just beginning and because I worked as an independant contractor my work slowed down. Also at this time my mother became very ill and could not take care of herself so I was unable to work a lot because I has to be there with her. My sister came from Florida and stayed for two months so I could work but work was too slow and the damage had already been done. My mother passed away and I lost everything I owned. My sister invited me to come stay with her family until I could get up on my feet again so I did. When I returned to CA. in 2011 I contacted the school and was told that I had to do the whole 18 month program and pay all the fees again because I didn't try to reinstate within the required 24 month time limit. I was not aware of a 24 month time limit! No one at the school ever told me about it! Neither the DMV or the court are keeping me from getting my license. Just the school
Sorry, DMV can't return your license until you complete the school. You may me eligible for a restricted license after...