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How do I answer a question on a job application about a PBJ from a DUI?
I am applying for a job, the question asks " Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty/no contest to a criminal offense?". I received a PBJ in 2010 for DUI, there are 2 different case numbers for the same incident/charge. The 1st says...plea: other, disposition: nolle prosequi, the 2nd says...plea: guilty, disposition: PBJ. How should I answer this question & why do I have 2 different case numbers with different results. Please advise.
Your situation is why I always arrange for my clients to plead not guilty, but agree to proceed on a statement of facts....
Should I take my DUI case to a jury trial?
I was pulled over for a turn signal violation and was told I smelled like alcohol. I declined any breath/blood tests, was arrested, charged then released into the custody of my girlfriend. I have already requested a jury trial however the state is offering a year in jail (this would be a 5th conviction). Seeing as how there is no hard evidence of DUI, I am inclined to take it to trial. Thoughts?
You should have an attorney. I wonder what your definition of hard evidence is. You smelled like alcohol and could...
Will a DUI dropped to reckless driving violate my probation?
I was on probation for two separate 2nd degree assaults. Then I was charged with a DUI. Thankfully the DUI was dropped down to reckless driving PBJ. The DUI violated my probation and now I have a vop hearing. Now that it's just reckless driving do I have anything to worry about?
Yes, because the VOP is treated like a civil offense for purposes of burden of proof in proving the violation--meaning...
What is the BAC level to be charged with DWI in Maryland? I know for Dui it is .08. Do people really get arrested for DWI with
What is the BAC level to be charged with DWI in Maryland? I know for Dui it is .08. Do people really get arrested for DWI with BAC around .04 or .05? I usually drive home after a 2 or 3 beers at the bar. I know I'm under the .08 level. According to BAC charts I look at with my height and weight I would be at .0375 after 2 beers and .057 after 3 beers. Can I be arrested with BAC at these levels. Any advice?
Well first of all, don't take those charts as gospel. They are very rudimentary and simply going by your height,...
Will previous criminal record affect the outcome of a DUI?
I'm currently on probation for two separate 2nd degree assaults. One I received a PBJ and the other a 18 month suspended sentence. Alcohol was not involved. I have now been charged with a DUI and will have to deal with a vop. My question is will the assault charges and being on probation affect the DUI trial.
It's not the charges you have to worry about -it is the convictions. They wont have an impact on the guilt phase of...
What kind of time am I looking at for violating probation twice .
I didn't report and had a dirty urine. Original charge was driving on a suspended license.
The decision is up to the judge. You can be sentenced to some or all of the unserved sentence. If you received...
Can I get a DUI expunged from my record in Maryland?
At the time of my DUI in 2008, if you received a PBJ, you could file for expungement after five years and that's what I planned to do since I did receive a PBJ. I later found out that they changed the policy two years later in 2010, stating that no DUI can be expunged from your record. If I got my DUI when the policy was expungement after five years, shouldn't I still be be allowed to expunge it from my record since the policy changed after the infraction?
I do not believe your understanding is correct about the law in 2008. The law did not allow for expungement, but...