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What happens if I fail my first drug test on pretrial release?
I got caught with my first DUI in New mexico and with that I got a speeding ticket and no drivers licence. . The day before I got caught which was Friday night and Saturday I was smoking very very heavily on marijunana. I know I well not pass but is there a way for my explanantion? I don't know how to tell them. What we'll happen if I fail? I have less then 1 week for court.
Were you order not to do any drugs?
I have 1 year probation and 90 days suspended for my first dui. What dose that mean? Can I do 90days and get off probation?
I got my first DUI and got 1 year probation and 90 days suspended. I also got 48 hours of community service DUI classes, 40 sessions of IOP, and 6 mouths of interlock. I'm just saying because I have a good job waiting for me in denver Colorado. I want to get done with probation soon as possible so I could leave and move on with my life. Thanks
You need to speak with the attorney who handled this for you. It is possible to have probation administered in another...
Can a dwi case get dismissed on a motion if A. Defendant took two breath samples, officer said they were insufficient
Called it a "refusal" Defendant then asked for blood to be drawn officer refused. It is a felony dwi APD/DPS S.O.P states on felony dui a warrant must be issued. There is no lapel video, dash cam, no evidence other than the officers report that defendant failed fst or " refused ".
No, the case would definitively not be dismissed. At most, the refusal portion would be thrown out, leaving the felony...
How do I fight an aggraved DUI?
I was attending a well known motorcycle club's benefit and as soon as I left, I was stopped for speeding. There were Sherriffs Dept officers waiting for people leaving this benefit. I had a couple of beers and I knew the second I got stopped I was going to jail. I asked how fast I was going twice and was told that I was speeding and going over the speed limit. They did not clock me. I feel like this was a trap. I knew I was going to jail anyways so I refused testing.
With a Criminal Defense Attorney......................................................
When on probation in the state of New Mexico you test positive for meth doesn't the P.O. have to send test to a lab or can theyd
I was recently placed on probation my initial first visit I tested positive for meth. I am also court ordered to attend a rehab which I found myself the day before I was going to go to rehab my P.O. called me and said I was not going to rehab because I had to go to court on my violation first. But he wanted me to go report to do a U.A I told him I would be dirty, he wrote another violation,but never tested me. My next visit 2weeks later I was positive i was clean but after my U.A. he said I was dirty i couldn't of been dirty instead of sending it to a lab he just had me dump it in toilet.
You need to hire an attorney and DUI defense is the wrong area of law for this question.
If you get charged with drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana can you still go onto an air force base?
My high school prom is in 2 weeks and my boyfriend just got charged with drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Our prom is on an air force base , will they still let him go ?
Why would you want to go to prom with someone who has been arrested? ..... Think about it.. and if you blow me off...
What can we expect from the arraignment?
My son was arrested last night for drag racing, speeding and aggravated fleeing. He is currently waiting for arraignment. What can we expect for bond? He's 23 and this is the first time he's been arrested. The officer told him he didn't pull over fast enough and that's why he was charged with fleeing. He has to drive as part of his job so I'm praying that his license isn't revoked or suspended. Also, his car was impounded and since it was just purchased a week ago, we can't get it out until the registration from the dealer arrives.
All your questions can be quickly answered with a hired Criminal Defense Attorney who will have all the facts and...