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How much time could I get if I turn my self in I was between the ages 16-18 then I'm 22 now
More information is needed. Need to know if this was in the juvenile sytem or the adult court. If you were under 18...
Indiana has a comparative fault law. if the injured person is more than 50% at fault, the owner is not liable for...
His alcohol level was 0.011. He was also on new medication from his doctor which contributed. He blacked out ran off the road and hit a pole. No injuries,no other parties involved. Minor damage to his vehicle. Taken to the hospital,treated and released. Was not put in jail,he was released. Still confused on that part.
Jail time is possible. Also, this could have a big impact on his ability to drive. Hire an Illinois OWI attorney...
first arrest at 42. clean driving record no priors
The administrative suspension will begin once the probable cause affidavit is sent to the BMV. You could potentially...
Last night I was charged with owi. I was in a vehicle that was pulled over with two other passengers. I was in the passenger seat. I was already exciting the vehicle to go into my home when cops came. I was told to stop and come to the front of the car with my hands up.I did just that.I was intoxicated and talking a lot..the officer did not no who was driving and he automatically said it was me maybe because I was loud and intoxicated. I was arrested and charged with a owi even though I was not driving at all.. They guessed at who was driving and just picked me..Totally not fair at all. Can I beat this false charge?
Hire an OWI lawyer right away. Your chances of avoiding this will increase if the other passengers are willing to come...
We were pulled over in front of my home..all the passengers excited the car..wen police came they did not know who the driver was..they blamed me I guess because I was intoxicated..I was not even twin sister was driving..I was intoxicated & she was sober. Charged with owi & endangerment of another person..also disorderly conduct and failure to provide proof of license .I had my license on me but they didn't give me a chance to present it.
I would contact a local experienced attorney to help you fight this case.
I'm currently on probation for a DUI charge that got knocked down to reckless driving. This past weekend I hit a car near my house and walked home. Went back the next day and talked to the owner of the vehicle (exchanged information) and into the police station here they arrested me for hit and run. I have court next month for this and was wondering if this violation of probation would be grounds for jail time? Or heavy fines? I have two months left of probation but have finished all classes, aa meetings, community service, and paid all fees.
It is up to the probation department to file a motion to revoke your probation. Make sure you notify your prob. ofc....