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How can I beat Sexual Battery charge if I don't remember from being drunk?
On October 17th, 2015 during a festival I was arrested for grabbing a girl's bottom while being heavily intoxicated. I did not know her age but was told by her she was 18, turned out to be 15 when a friend came up and asked what the hell I was doing with her. When I was arrested I was there for maybe no more than an hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours before finally brought in to the detective's office and questioned. I do not remember what I said after stating to the detective that I was still drunk off my rocker. I also learned after sobering up a bit that the victim made claimed I not only grabbed her bottom but her breasts, crotch, and thighs. She also stated that I tried bringing her to some near by bushes for oral sex but I clearly remember going to use the bathroom and she followed. I have 4 witnesses saying that the other things she claimed I did didn't happen. The witnesses also said how it all started was that she came up to me and grinding on me, I grabbed her bottom, and she asked if I can buy her some alcohol to which I denied because she was of not the drinking age. I am 22 years old now. Can I beat this or will I be going to prison and becoming a sex offender?
Intoxication is not a defense. And, you do not help yourself by posting these kinds of incriminating details on the...
Can I get my DUI dropped or off my record
In 2006 I was living in CA, I was pulled over and given sobriety tests. I past with flying colors...well they made me blow and said i blew a .70. Now I'm not a big guy and I had 2 beers few hours earlier with my dinner. I told them that when asked if I had been drinking. Well they took me to jail, booked me, had me blow again. Half an hour later, they let me sign myself out and walk out the doors. They also repoed my truck during all this. Well the judge put me in jail afraid I would flee the state to go home to TX. I was in jail for 4 months. When I got out, I told my court appointed attorney that I had no where to stay, no longer had my job or transportation, I needed to go home. She told me to go ahead and she would keep in touch with me. I tried for few months to contact her.
I'm answering your question because you are located in Louisiana. I know about Louisiana law, but not the others....
How can I beat a dwi that I did not do one test for?
Ok first i was pulled over for speeding ...which the officer had a radar but there was other vechials traveling the same direction as I was
The best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney to help you with the facts and put you in a position to win. GOOD LUCK
Can the DMV make me install an interlock in my vehicle with no DWI convictions?
I was charged with two DWI offences. Both cases were dismissed. No convictions. The DMV made me install an interlock device in my vehicle in order to reinstate my drivers liscense. Why is it that I am forced to do this when I wasn't convicted of any offense? Innocent until proven guilty? Is that not the way it is supposed to work?
Innocent until proven guilty is how the criminal system works. The DMV, who is part of the Louisiana Department of...
I got a DUI with my CA DL in LA in 2011. completed all court programs. dont have time to wait for waiver to be processed. help
Got DUI 8/28/2011 in LA while I still had a CA drivers license. Went thru court sobriety program for 1 year, including an interlock device in car (classy AF) successfully completed program 7/11/16, was granted article 894, and the case was dismissed. final disposition: SET ASIDE & DISM UNDER ARTICLE 894 (SETTLED AT TRIAL DATE) court minutes state that license was to remain valid: DR WITH VALID DL & LEGALLY TO DRIV; and does not reflect a conviction. because the case was settled 7/11/16, the CA dmv recorded that as the date of conviction. CA dmv randomly sent me an Order of Suspension letter on 4/11/2017. LA DMV sent me a WITHDRAWAL OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES; DRIVER LICENSE COMPACT on 4/20/2017 because the dept was notified that my driving privileges have been suspended in CA. submitted1650 waiver. i don't have time for them to process it because i need to accept a job offer tomorrow and i need a valid DL. help
Sounds like you need a CA attorney familiar with DMV regulations who can immediately reach out to them correct this...
If you are ordered to provide a blood test, and you do, and completely pass .is there any liability for the arresting officers?
i do not drink at all, but i do suffer from disability that causes tremors, in stressful situations
Yrs but very marginal if you roll out the same day.
Will Louisiana courts drug test if i got charged with a simple possession and paraphernalia ?
i got caught with a point 2 and a paraphernalia which was a one hitter (metal cigarette). are they going to drug test me for my first time ever going to court?
Yes you will be drug tested. First test is to establish levels. Subsequent tests are to see if levels decrease. If...