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Oklahoma dui
I lost my license to a dui in Oklahoma I received 3 yrs suspension and 2 yrs of a interlock device if I do a 5 yr suspension will that void out the interlock device I don't have a vehicle I can use solely for myself
Check with the prosecutor. It will be up to them.
Aggravated DUI
currently on a un-supervised 2 year deferred sentence, probation
What's the question? I see only statements
Can I drive a motor scooter that is less than 50cc or 35cc in the state of Oklahoma if my drivers license is revoked?
I got 2 duis in 2011, and I finally went to court on July 9 of the year, but because both duis hit the DMV at the same time my license is now revoked and they are telling me that I am not eligible for a restricted license. I have two jobs and I need to get back and forth to work. What can i do to get around? (without having to take a cab). Thanks for your help.
One is not required to possess a valid drivers license while operating a Motor Scooter (35 cc or less) pursuant to 47...
I am on probation and got caught driving without a license. What could happen during my trial?
I am on probation for an aggravated dui and got caught driving without a license. The aggravated dui is the first offense I've ever had and the only reason why I drove is because my fiance is on prescribed medication and passed out while driving home from her grandparents' house for Easter. Am I going to jail for violating my probation or is there any way that I can just receive fines and a longer probation?
you could be found guilty or your could be found not guilty.
How can cps in oklahoma state one thing on papers that was signed by the judge and noterized.
Hello my name is sylvester burns 3 months ago my child was taken on here say that I was involved in drugs (lie) that I strangled my ex (lie) and that I was a drunk that drank 60 beers a day (lie) however I was helping a co-worker out and he had his camper in the back yard and he had meth in his camper how can I be held responsible for this? I have taken a hair folicle test I have taken a drug and alcohol assessment which I passed both I have taken parenting classes and there still treating me like I a dangerous criminal.
They will continue to treat you badly until you get an attorney.
Can you help me find a post-conviction relief attorney please that that serves the Lawton Oklahoma Frederick Oklahoma area
My fiance is currently incarcerated in Hodgen Oklahoma he has put in a modification for drug treatment which was put in his sentencing by the judge however this was in January and he has not heard they had 20 days to respond we are trying to get him out and into Sequoyah County Drug Court that way he can be close to his family and get the drug treatment that he is needing
Use the find an attorney tab in this website.
Will a DUI still show up on my driving record if my case was dismissed and expunged?
I am trying to get a job in Washington State and was arrested and charged with DUI with Drugs in Oklahoma state; Stroud in Lincoln County to be specific. Meaning I was not intoxicated by alcohol but was with marijuana, I never even lost my license. I was arrested 5-28-14, sentenced to a year of deferred probation. My probation ended on 1-12-2015 and I was given an Order of Dissmissal and Expungement of Record on 1-30-2105. The employer I'm interested in will pull a MVR on me, and I'm not to sure if it is a nationwide record or a state record. In either case, what are the chances of my past dui showing up on those records? I know that these cases can be complicated and vary greatly, but mine seems to be pretty simple and just an average case where I completed all of the requirements and it was dismissed. Any help is much appreaceated! I'm not necessarily seeking legal advice, but just want to have an idea of what may or may not pop up on a state or nationwide MVR.
There are two types of expungement in Oklahoma, and the type you described only affects court records, not your...