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Do I need to disclose that I was "arrested" for a DUI in CT on my concealed carry permit application?
I am applying for my concealed carry permit in Connecticut. There is a question on the application pertaining to criminal history, and the questions asks "have you ever been arrested for any crime, in any jurisdiction?" There is a note below stating " you are NOT required to disclose the existence of any arrest, criminal charge or conviction, the records of which have been erased pursuant to CGS 46b-146, 54-76o, or 54-142a." I was arrested for a DUI about 5 years ago, it was my first offense. I took the classes and I believe they said it should have been wiped from my record. How would I find this out? I need to know whether I need to disclose this information and if so I want to properly document it, as after all this is a background check performed by the FBI.
You can get a copy of your criminal history from state police typically
I am applying for the school system in FL. a past dui is coming into play what do I do??
I need to know how to answer the application question...Do you have a petition pending to seal or expunge any criminal offense record? Yes. I have a provisional pardon on a dui case from 2001 in CT. But now I need to answer the disposition of the charge which I don't know how to answer....
More information is needed. What do you mean by "coming in play" is it showing on your record? How is it showing up?...
I need help with a Dui case from April 2000, Does your company handle such cases?
I am a U.S Navy veteran that had serious problems with alcohol. I have completed a 4 month program with the Veterans Administration, my problem is I have a 16 year old dui case that needs to be resolved in Ct. Please keep in mind I am not in Ct, and don't have a substantial amount of money.
Well I'm pleased that you're in treatment and I sincerely hope you maintain your sobriety. Why is it still pending 16...
Will this DUI charge stick as I was home and nowhere near my vehicle when police came?
So here's my situation, I hit a parked car right by my home and left it parked in a lot next to where I live. I was home for about 20 min or so (washed up) when Police came and brought me out to my car. The Officer asked if I had been drinking to which I replied "I was drinking at home" the Officer then did his sobriety test and proceeded to place me under arrest (no Miranda rights until I was already at the station.) The Officer stated that he called malarkey because it takes 30 min for alcohol to be absorbed by the body and that my eyes were glossy?? Anyway, I refused breathalyzer & blood work. When I obtained my Police report alot of areas were literally whited out and said I was only being charged with evading. Then when I went to court the prosecutor had a totally different report charging me for possesion of marijuana (under legal limit CT), evading, failure to maintain lane, and DUI
This is not TV drama. This is real life. "will the charges stick" is a question only asked in a fictional show by a...
Is it legal to have it installed in Ct they make them for motorcycle
I drive a motorcycle in Connecticut can I have a iid installed on it there are ones that can be installed on them but is it legal to do so in this state
The answer is yes . But you can call DMV drivers services at (860) 263-5720 and ask them any questions you may have
I was arrested in 2011 for a DUI and driving with a suspended license. How much will cost to get record expunged?
DUI expungement
Just arrested or were you convicted as well? Pricing really depends on the attorney. Where I am you can expect to pay...
How would i handle this
two dui's in conneticutt 30 yrs ago now resident of florida can not get licsence renewal
You have not given enough information for a full response here. An attorney would have to ask you a number of questions,...