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In maryland are you required to take more than one alcohol test? such as breath and blood?
the beginning of the month i was pulled over for a dwi and i took the breath test at the station (0.0 BAC) then refused blood test. they took my license for the refuseal of the blood test even thought my BAC was 0.0 when i blew into the beath test. why did they take my license and how can i fight to get my license back?
You have ten days after your license is taken for a refusal to request a hearing with the MVA or your license will be...
DUI PBJ and expungement in MD
So i have read about MD expungement of DUI's and I am a bit confused. 7 Total charges: 6 NOLLE PROSEQUI Charge: Article:TA Sec:21 Sub-Sec:902 Para:A2 Code: Description: (DRIVING, ATTEMPTING TO DRIVE) VEHICLE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL PER SE Plea: GUILTY Disposition: PROBATION BEFORE JUDGEMENT with supervised Probation. Completed all requirements, fees, alcohol class, MADD, and probation. Have not reoffended. I originally read that DUI's can never be removed in MD, however on this site I found a post that says a PBJ DUI can be expunged 3 years after the disposition date. Does the guilty plea matter or change the rules? Am I still eligible for the expungement?
The expungement statute specifically prohibits expungement of DUI findings.
My Husband was hit by drunk driver , his car is totaled and he is in a great deal of pain. What do we do now??
On August 12th at appropriately 2:30AM my husband was hit by a drunk driver . He is 72 years old with previous neck problems. He was transported to the Baltimore Washington Hospital Center and diagnosed with a whiplash injury, a contusion bruise to the knee as well as a concussion. His 2012 Chevrolet Malibu is completely totaled and he is in great deal of pain. The drunk driver has Nationwide insurance, they have requested to record a conversation with my husband however he has no reconciliation of the accident.
My advice is to not submit to a statement period. The police report should have all of the information necessary for...
Will I be able to drive in Maryland for work after my DUI?
I live in Delaware but got busted in Maryland for a DUI. This was my first DUI. My MVA hearing is coming up. Can I get a restricted license so I can continue to work 2-3 times a week in Maryland? The cops never took my license because I'm assuming Im from Delaware and have a Delaware license.
First, I do not know whether the MVA in Maryland can give you a restricted license if you have a Delaware license. It...
If someone plead guilty to a DUI in MD while a PA resident then later move to MD, would driving privilege be suspended?
MD driving privilege had already been lost for 90 days prior to court. PA is suspending driving privileges.
In order to get a Maryland license, you must have a valid PA license and a valid Maryland driving privilege. You need...
If someone were to plea guilty to a DUI in MD while a PA resident then later move to MD. What would happen to driving privilege
Fines paid, counseling completed, attending AA meetings. In process of move found out PA suspended license. Anything happen MD driving privileges, or what will happen?
PA controls everything. If you're suspended in PA, then MD will honor the suspension and decline to issue a license,...
Can PBJ in DUI be changed to NOLLE PROSEQUI?
I had a DUI 20 months ago and got a pbj. it has been very hard to find a job after I graduated. One interviewer even called my references and I did not get a call from her. Need to get it expunged. Pbj on a DUI does not get expunged but nolle prosequi on DUI does. So i was wondering if i could do that instead, so it could get expunged? It is my first DUI and I don't even drink on a regular basis. Never had anything on my record before or after, except for a few speeding tickets.
Unfortunately, once the case is resolved it is resolved. You can't go back, at this date and seek that the State drop...