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My wife drove drunk, I have it on video her pulling in and then her walking in and I ask her about it. Can I use this in court?
Going through a divorce and want to use this as evidence.
if she did not consent to the audio (her voice being recorded) then you would not be able to use the audio, but could...
In maryland are you required to take more than one alcohol test? such as breath and blood?
the beginning of the month i was pulled over for a dwi and i took the breath test at the station (0.0 BAC) then refused blood test. they took my license for the refuseal of the blood test even thought my BAC was 0.0 when i blew into the beath test. why did they take my license and how can i fight to get my license back?
You have ten days after your license is taken for a refusal to request a hearing with the MVA or your license will be...
DUI PBJ and expungement in MD
So i have read about MD expungement of DUI's and I am a bit confused. 7 Total charges: 6 NOLLE PROSEQUI Charge: Article:TA Sec:21 Sub-Sec:902 Para:A2 Code: Description: (DRIVING, ATTEMPTING TO DRIVE) VEHICLE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL PER SE Plea: GUILTY Disposition: PROBATION BEFORE JUDGEMENT with supervised Probation. Completed all requirements, fees, alcohol class, MADD, and probation. Have not reoffended. I originally read that DUI's can never be removed in MD, however on this site I found a post that says a PBJ DUI can be expunged 3 years after the disposition date. Does the guilty plea matter or change the rules? Am I still eligible for the expungement?
The expungement statute specifically prohibits expungement of DUI findings.
How can I gain employment in my profession of education with a STET on a docket filed on a court case from 2015?
A police pulls me over for what he says 'I was swerving,' however I realized that I was taking the wrong exit. I pulled my vehicle over to the continuing lane, without any traffic proceeding. He has me to walk a straight line and I fail because I'm nervous and need corrective foot surgery on both feet. He arrests me for dui; however, after I'm stripped search and finger printed they find out my breathalyzer reads 0.5 at the police precent. He waits, waits, and waits for someone to come to draw my blood. No one does. They allow me a phone call and someone picks me up before the hour is up to send me to commissioner's court. I get a lawyer who tells me he'll do all the talking at the court case. He pleads guilty to a "Negligent Driving Vehicle in Careless and Imprudent Manner Endangering Property, Life and Person." Case Type: Traffic I'm fined $75.00 and 2 points. Date: 07/02/2015 Points of this past July. STET inactive: October 2018 I'm unable to get employment as a teacher in Anne Arundel Co. Never knew I had/jave a STET on this case b/c it wasn't stated on the case summary. I've never been arrested for anything before this infraction.
It sound like your lawyer did a good job for you. The DUI charge was placed on the inactive docket and you do not have...
How can I get a restricted license in MD, to drive to and from work while my Drivers license is suspended for two years?
I had my license suspended for two years for refusing to field sobriety tests. I have my complete driving record. I currently have 6 points for reckless driving and no dui convictions.
You had 30 days from the date of the refusal to either request a hearing or elect the ignition interlock. If the time...
Can I go to a gun range if Im on unsupervised probation in Md.?
Got 3 years for Dui suspended all and 5 yrs probation. Upon completion of 2 yrs 3 yrs unsup. Its been a total if 3.5 yrs since begining. Finished sup prob.
3 years suspended doesn't sound like a sentence for a DUI. Were there crimes of violence? handgun offenses? Were there...
How do I answer a question on a job application about a PBJ from a DUI?
I am applying for a job, the question asks " Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty/no contest to a criminal offense?". I received a PBJ in 2010 for DUI, there are 2 different case numbers for the same incident/charge. The 1st says...plea: other, disposition: nolle prosequi, the 2nd says...plea: guilty, disposition: PBJ. How should I answer this question & why do I have 2 different case numbers with different results. Please advise.
Your situation is why I always arrange for my clients to plead not guilty, but agree to proceed on a statement of facts....