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What form do I need to file to ensure that oldest daughter gets custody of youngest daughter when wife and I die?
Also want to ensure that she gets all of the benefits (social security, life insurance, etc.)
I would suggest a Will with a Guardianship provision as described. Good luck.
How do I report a 4 month old drunk driving accident a friend had.
This guy drove home drunk on suspended licenses, illegal tags no insurance and was drunk. He totaled out his car and had a friend of his tow the car home before police could arrive. How can I report this crime.
You could contact your local police department or the district attorney to report the crime. However, it is unlikely...
In a dwi stop i gave a b.a.c. test must the level be noted on the ticket?
i was at the police station in waynesville missouri and upon leaving i was pulled over. the officers said i had my radio to loud. they proceeded to give me a field sobriety test. i informed them that both my ankles have been broke and i cannot walk a straight line. they still tried me. then gave me a breath test. I asked to see the level at the site and also at the police station, to no avail. the bac level is not on the ticket nor was i informed of it. this whole incident happened at 10 am in the morning.
Your BAC will not be written on the ticket. Based on the details you have provided, you should look at fighting your case.
Do I need an Attorney to fight the Dept. of Revenue for my Drivers license? Stories in the details,
I have two prior dui from another state from 10 & 20 years ago they were not in MO and was not a resident of MO nor licensed in MO when they occurred. I moved to MO 8 or years ago and received a license with out a problem and did not get a five year denial because of the previous two convictions. Since I moved to MO I received another dui and was revoked as per MO law and did everything required and was reinstated and have been driving flawlessly for the past 4 years. I then went to renew my DL and received a 10 denial to renew. I since have been told that if the previous convictions were from other states and I was not a resident of MO or held a MO license when they occurred they should not be considered for the 10 year denial or I would not been able to get my original DL or reinstated
Yes, you owe it to yourself to consult and hire a local criminal/DMV attorney to handle this matter. Use the avvo...
How can i fight a DWI/Leaving the scene of an accident?
9 months ago I was taking several medications for Insomnia . One of the medications were Ambien 15mls . I had been out of my medications for a few days before I could get the perscription refilled . I had not slept in days and was about to loose my mind . Once I filled it , I took one as soon as i got home , which was around 2pm . I went to bed as soon as I took it . the only thing I remember is my daughter came into my room informing me that a MP was standing outside . I remember NOTHING . , I do remember after my daughter woke me I seen in my hand an UN - opened bottle of alcohol . I must of drank some right then . Then all I remember is i was standing outside . I was arrested for DWI - Alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident . I do not remember anything , but I do remember i was not drinking / driving
I think the thing you can do is hire a lawyer that has loads of experience handling traffic/DWI cases, and let them...
I got my 3rd dwi i need a good lawyer
i have 1 felony on my record
You are right, you do need a good lawyer. You can use AVVO to find a good criminal defense lawyer in your area.
If i was in the national guard and i got drunk, bartender calls me a cab, i get into the cab
then get out of the cab and into another car thats wasn't mine and drive off, wrecking the car. what charges and what would be the est. bail be set at?
I'm not sure if you are saying that you got into a hit and run accident and left the scene? If so, you should get a...