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  • Suspect in Oregon state trooper shooting accused of ...

    Sep 13, 2017 | via 

    A Creswell man is accused of attempted aggravated murder and other charges after authorities say he shot an Oregon State Police trooper Tuesday during a traffic stop. Edward P. Dungan, 30, is also accused of unlawful use of a weapon and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle stemming from the attempted stop near Oregon 99 and Davisson Road in the Creswell area, according to the Lane County Sheriff's Office.


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DUI: Paid all court fees, went to victim impact panel, installed IID, finished treatment. Is there anything else?
I am currently in diversion for a DUI I got in Oregon. I have paid all my court fees, gone to a victim impact panel, installed an IID in my car, and finished my treatment which was 13 weeks long monitored by UAs. Is there anything else the court will call me in for or ask me to do before my year-long diversion ends? (i.e another impact panel, further classes, more UAs, ect.)
To verify that the court file shows that you are in full compliance, you can call the court clerk and ask if the...
Does Oregon in any cases, allow a distance learning alcohol or duii program that will meet the diversion requirements?
I am a 1st time duii arrest. Pulled over for crossing over the fog line. Reported by a civilian motorist to police. I am 57 years old and should have been safe and not drove. Wish to put this behind me the best and most efficient way possible. Have worked at the same job for 39 years and am very responsible otherwise. Court is 10 days. Thank you for any information.
First, don't post any additional details about your fact pattern online. Second, get a lawyer, now. Your description...
Why would it take so long for the DA to file DUII charges?
I have been to the court twice only to be told charges haven't been filed and will hear by mail when the arraignment will be. My arrest date was June 3. I received a ticket for DUI, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.
This scenario occurs from time to time, and typically indicates that the prosecuting attorney has not yet had an...
1st time DUI and Diversion seems like quicksand / enough rope. What are the advantages, since the DUI is still on my record?
I understand the fines are a little less, that the DUI shows up as 'diverted' as opposed to 'convicted', not that it is likely to make much difference? I also understand 'go see a lawyer' (I have, they were sort of helpful, but confusing, pushy, and I'll go see another tomorrow, thanks), I understand that I *may* get an ignition interlock on my car (that *may* give out false positives and send me to jail or have my lawyer charging me more), I don't plan on driving much anyways, so that's not that big of a deal. But mainly, my understanding is that it's a complicated, pitfall fraught process that will have me running all over town, and if I mess up at any time in that year, I'll just have to start all over again with a year long, immediate conviction. Plus, all the other stuff I may have been 1/2 way through. So, what am I wrong about and besides the 500+/- I save on fines, that I immediately lose hiring a $2,000 lawyer to guide me through the process, what are some real advantages to Diversion again? Thanks!
DUII Diversion is an admirable Oregon experiment. Most states don’t have it — if you get arrested for DUII, your only...
First DUI I successfully completed diversion 14 years ago. Just got another one. Do I qualify for diversion again?
Does the judge make the final decision?
In Oregon, DUII diversion is available if you have not had a diversion, DUII conviction, or a similar treatment program...
Will I be able to get an extension on my Duii diversion for 34 days?
By the time my one year diversion period ends I will have all of the diversion requirements completed except for my twelfth and last diversion class and a remaining 30 days of sobriety to complete my "90 days of sobriety". I was on track to get it done on time but left town for a week due to a death in the family and failed to maintain in person contact with my treatment provider during that week. My counselor knew I was leaving town but there was miscommunication between us leading me to believe that the weekly contact could be sufficed over the phone. This was incorrect and it restarted my "90 days". I will be asking the court for a 34 day extension and am filing the extension petition within the last 30 days of my diversion period. I have paid all fees to court and treatment provider to date. What do you think my chances of getting this extension are?
You're allowed one extension of the diversion year. You have to petition the court for the extension BEFORE the...
How long does the statue of limitations run on traffic tickets or dui's in Mississippi.
A friend received a notice from the courts of Mississippi to pay in full on the tickets form 27 yrs ago, or they would issue a warrant. He would like to know if they are any statue of limitations on the tickets?
Your friend would need to consult with an attorney who practices in Mississippi about that. I don't know why you posted...