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Is there a statue of limitations in Colorado for failure to appear on a DUI ticket?
In 2007 I was involved a accident. I was the only one injured and taken to the hospital. I refused to give a B.A.C. test. I do not recall ever receiving a ticket for anything. After totaling my car I had no way to get to work, and no way to survive. As things got worse I came back to California with my kids. I recently tried to get my license here but was told Colorado had a hold on it for a failure to appear on a DUI ticket. I am a single dad on welfare with two boys. I do not have the means to get to Colorado and go to court. Is there a statue of limitations on the ticket, the failure to appear, and the hold on my license? Can I ever get my license back in California?
Once charges are filed (ticket) the statute of limitations has been satisfied. You may have other defenses but that's...
Can I get an extension on my DUI program?
My dui program was due in Feb. This yr. I just finished my classes about 2 weeks ago. Even tho I finished my classes I didn't receive my certificate due to the fact I still have a balance due. I need an extension just till I i pay my balance off. If I go to court is there a possibility of me going to jail?
If this is your one and only incident?, you're probably fine, but you should get in to see the judge asap. Best of luck
Got a DUI in 2008 and worry about travel outside of the United States.
Hi, I got a DUI in 2008/10 and I went through all the DUI program, AA meeting, and paid the fine in 2009. (Ever since then, I didn't even got a speed ticket or anything violate the law) By then I was a student and using F1 visa to come into the States. never got a problem. After that, I stayed in California and obtained H1-B Visa (2010-2015) and finally got my green card in 2015 Dec. However, when I travel outside of US and reentry to US, 70% of the time, the custom officers take me to the small room for check up. But they just doing nothing, not asking me a question, I just sitting there for 2 hours wait. Then they will return my passport to me. Since Trump is very restrict on immigration, I would like to if I travel outside of US again, will I be in trouble return to US? I read some articles on internet and newspaper, seems like some people got deported because they got a DUI. Thank you
You should meet with an immigration lawyer in person with your disposition records and discuss the circumstances, as it...
Can I get a DUI expunged before the 3 year probation is over?
I am in nursing school and if I have to work in the hospital for clinical experience but I have a DUI and need to get it cleared before I work in the hospital. I got my dui in 2015, I got my license back on March 2016. I understand how the three year probabtion works but is there any way it could cleared before the 3 years for nursing school reasons?
You could file a motion with the court asking that your probation be terminated early in the interest of justice. If...
DUI record
I have 2 DUI's 6 and 8 years old, now both have been expunged or dismissed from criminal record but they are still in driving record and for that reason I have to disclose it Is there any action I can take to erase it? Is hurting my job application and interview on today competitive market
There is nothing you can do to have your convictions for DUI removed from your DMV history.
After completing DUI classes and paying off DUI Fines, basically completeing everything, What's next to get my License back?
IV completed everything I was suppose to do for my DUI but my Probabation period is not over? What do I do next? Can I get my probation period dropped for completeing everything? Do I still need a SR 22 to drive my vehicle? Do I still have to pay DMV fines to get my license back?? Please help thank you
Go down to the DMV and ask them about your license.
When and How do I find the results of a blood test for a DUI
I refused a breathalyzer
The results will be released to your lawyer after your first court appearance. DMV will also send you a copy if you...