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  • Man Charged with Robbery at Goodwin's Market

    Tuesday May 12 | via The Alpenhorn News 

    Deputies from the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station arrested Mario Rafael Ramos, 27, reportedly of Crestline, after he attempted to allegedly steal two bottles of alcohol and fought with the employees that were attempting to detain him. A Sheriff's Department spokesperson told The Alpenhorn News that on May 1, shortly after 8:00 p.m., Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the Goodwin's Market located at 24089 Lake Drive, Crestline regarding a suspect that was fighting with employees and was armed with a knife.


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  • The Chuck Wyatt Crime Report

    Tuesday May 12 | via The Alpenhorn News 

    In an apparent attempt to force two Twin Peaks Sheriff's deputies into a use of force confrontation, Micah Dee Lewis, 27, city of residence not provided, refused to provide identification for a citation and resisted attempts to handcuff him, while having the encounter recorded. On May 4, Sheriff's deputies were patrolling in the area of San Moritz Drive and Montreaux Drive, Crestline, when they observed a subject allegedly throw his cigarette out of the parked vehicles' window and onto the ground.


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  • Burglar Attacks Homeowner and Deputy

    Thursday Apr 30 | via The Alpenhorn News 

    Sheriff's deputies arrested Rashell Joshua Sanders, 19 of Crestline, for burglary, assault and other felonies, after Sanders was allegedly discovered inside the victim's home on April 18 and allegedly fought and injured one of the homeowners. In a statement to The Alpenhorn News by a Sheriff's Department spokesperson, the two victims and their small children returned to their home in the 25000 block of Basel Road, Crestline, Saturday afternoon shortly after 3:00 p.m. When arriving at the front door, they discovered that the door locks were in a different position than when they had left. 1 comment

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Crestline Law

Is there a statue of limitations in Colorado for failure to appear on a DUI ticket?
In 2007 I was involved a accident. I was the only one injured and taken to the hospital. I refused to give a B.A.C. test. I do not recall ever receiving a ticket for anything. After totaling my car I had no way to get to work, and no way to survive. As things got worse I came back to California with my kids. I recently tried to get my license here but was told Colorado had a hold on it for a failure to appear on a DUI ticket. I am a single dad on welfare with two boys. I do not have the means to get to Colorado and go to court. Is there a statue of limitations on the ticket, the failure to appear, and the hold on my license? Can I ever get my license back in California?
Once charges are filed (ticket) the statute of limitations has been satisfied. You may have other defenses but that's...
Is there a statue of limitations on a DUI ticket that I failed to appear on in Colorado? If so does it apply to civil also?
In 2007 I was involved in a accident in Colorado. I was the only one hurt and sent to the hospital. I refused to take a B.A.C. test. I do not recall ever receiving a ticket. Shortly after the accident my kids and I returned to California. No vehicle equaled no work. I recently tried to get my license in California, I was told Colorado had a hold on it for a failure to appear on a DUI ticket. I am a single dad on welfare, I do not have the means to go to Colorado. Is there a statue of limitations for this. If so does it apply for civil cases also. Without a license I can not find a job and welfare sucks.
You need to deal with CO DUI matter in order to get license back. Speak with a CO attorney ASAP to deal with this .
What are my options and penalties for a 3rd dui in a different county?
I hope someone can help me find an answer to my question. On February 1st, Superbowl Sunday, I was arrested and charged with my 3rd DUI while driving with no registration and suspended license. This occurred in San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga. I was into my 4th year of a 5 year informal probation period from my 2nd DUI occurring in Orange County. I have to go to court in Rancho Cucamonga for my 3rd DUI arrest but also have a probation violation hearing in Orange County for the same arrest. My question is this: can I avoid jailtime? What are my options since this deals with two counties, two jurisdictions. I have a family to take care of and being irresponsible has put me in this situation. I’ve been attending AA meetings.
You need to do a lot more than attend AA meetings. 3rd DUIs come with a minimum of 120 days of custody. "Alternatives"...
I got a DUI. I wasn't driving. I was under my hood cause my car stopped running. Someone else in the car was driving...
I had been drinking so one of my friends was driving my car when it over heated. We stop along the road I get out and was looking under the hood. A officer pulled the over. I imagine to see what was wrong. I had 3 other people in the car with me. AGAIN I HAD NOT BEEN DRIVING.... The officer asked what was wrong. I told him. I assume he smelt alcohol on me so he got my information. I willingly gave all info but told him I was not driving. Others told him to. Yet and still I had to submit to a Breathalyzer and blew .08 .... He arrested me for a DUI and impounded my car.... Is this legal??? The vehicle is in my name but again INWASNT DRIVING.... he pulled up while I'm was parked....
I'll make this quick and simple. YOU must hire an attorney. YOU only have 10 days to demand a DMV. This might be won at...
Probation violation of my L.A. DUI - blew .07 after stop in San Berdo. Have 1 DUI now this! Will I be suspended? How long?
I got a first dui in LA 2 years ago. Now I got pulled over and blew a .07 in San Bernardino. I think I am facing a probation violation hearing because I won't be convicted of a DUI. What is the DMV going to do for a probation violation? Will they suspend me? if so how long? Will I have to take classes for a probation violation?
So sorry to hear this happened. There are a lot of moving parts to a case like yours. The best thing you can do is...
When can I get my licence back.
I was convicted of 1st dui in 1999. I committed two more in 2007 but wasn't convicted till 3/2013. I have been suspended for one year. I currently only have two within 10 years now. If the conviction was over 10 years why was it suspended for 3 years.
The DMV holds all the cards regarding your license. Get in there and ask them when you can get a license. It's...
I got arrested for DUI in CA - the pink temporary license says I can't leave the state. Can I take a trip?
I recently got a DUI about a week ago and I have the pink temporary - it says I can't leave the state but I wanted to go see my sister in Nevada. Can I go or do I need to ask the courts permission.
I have never seen that written on a DS367 (the pink temporary DL)... I have never told anyone that they could not...