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How much time between breathalyzer tests?
I live in a halfway house I return from work just before 3 in the morning. They breathalyze to me because my eyes were red after working almost a 16-hour day. The first test came back .23 so they did another test the second one came back as .26. That come back is .25. I asked for them to redo it they declined I asked the sheriff that was there if he could use his he said he didn't want to get in the middle. I was booked in at the jail at 3:23 a.m. I asked the station if they would do a test on me they declined also. The next day I received a fax from the halfway house they said they had made a mistake it was actually .023. How can there be such a big difference and why was I refused more testing?
Breathalyzers (that are used in the field or Preliminary Breath Tests - PBTs) are required to be calibrated regularly...
Can a felon with 4 DUI's get custody of my 7 month old?
We have never been married but were together for a short time. I have let him see our son plenty of times but only a few by himself because he has threatened to take off with our son. Now he is taking me too court to fight me for custody. He has 4 DUI's and is now a felon. If he gets caught driving again without a license he goes to jail. Please help.
You need a good lawyer fighting for your custodial rights. The felony drunk driving convictions are relevant and will...
In iowa if i received a 4th dui lifetime but the other 3 are more than 12 years ago is this a first?
i received dui 7-25-13 and had 2 convictions ( both treated as 2nds) 10-2000 and 1 in 1996 making 4 total but only 1 in last 12.5 years will this be treated as 1st?
Regardless of the look back period (10 years normally) your characterization of treating it as a first offense needs to...
Under iowa DUI / criminal laws is a DUI considered a felony
I was convicted of DUI and served seven days in jail and had my drivers lic. supended. This was my second arrest for DUI. The first was reduced to reckless driving.
In Iowa, beginning with the 3rd DUI offense it's a felony. This being your second you would be guilty of an aggravated...
Can punishment for DUI conviction be transferred to another state so I can get a hardship license there?
DUI conviction 3rd offense in FL. Now living and working in IA. Need transportation to and from work.
It will depend on the restrictions in Florida because Iowa will normally honor those. If you qualify for a restricted...
When a dui has been expunged is it necessary to keep sr22?
got a dui a year and half ago. Just got letter from County saying it has been expunged.
The SR-22 requirement is determined by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). It is not directly related to the...
What would be the best thing to do? Should we fight it?
We got pulled over for a busted headlight the cop comes up to our car says he smells marijuana and we should just give it to him all we had on us was paraphernalia so we did. Told me and my husband to get out of the car they make him do 3-4 sobriety test and even a breathalyzer which came out to be 00.0 and said well your showing signs of being under the influence so we're going to take you in tonight.
You should talk to an Iowa criminal defense lawyer.