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  • Crime log: June 26, 2016

    Jun 25, 2016 | via Daily Dispatch 

    22, of 315 E. Lyon St., Creedmoor, was charged via warrant June 6 with multiple charges of both identity theft and obtaining property under false pretense. He was jailed on $60,000 bond pending a court hearing June 13. a Victoria P. Jones, 45, of 5114 Goochs Mill Road, Oxford, was charged via order for arrest June 8 with failure to appear.


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Applying and eligibility for a privilege license in NC after my license was revoked for DWLS and other traffic violations.
I am a full-time employee at home where I am a certified nursing assistant to my best friend who was a quadriplegic. He pays me through payroll paychecks and an our employee/employer agreement was set up & signed by a judge. I am responsible for taking him to and from doctors' appointments as well as picking up medical supplies, meditations, groceries, and any other thing he might need. As I am responsible for all these things I'm hoping they will take them into consideration. Could you give me some insight, thank you very much.
The answer depends on your driving record. How many Driving While License Revoked convictions do you have? How many...
What does it mean if the arresting officer in my dui case got transferred?
My attorney told me that the arresting officer was transferred and that is good, but I am a little confused on how this is good
It usually means that the officer is in another department or in another city's department. Usually that means that...
Will I be able to reinstate my FL DL after a DUI in GA in 2009?
I just went to court and finally handled my DUI. My Florida licensed expired in 2012 & I have not driven since. I actually live in North Carolina and was going to apply for a NC license after I finish DUI school and have my driving ban lifted in GA. I just recently did a driver's license check in FL and realized that my license in FL is revoked/due to the DUI. Want to know if FL will accept the 16 hour certificate class that I take in NC & if I will be able to get my license reinstated there. I am not certain if I can apply for a license in NC if I have a suspended license in another state. Thank you for your help.
Most states inflict DL suspensions and/or restrictions on the holder of a state DL when they receive a DUI/DWI in any...
I got a dui in north Carolina in 2003 and got put on probation I elected to bypass probation and serve my prison term.
Since then I had gotten several DWLR to tickets, which I have just recently had handled. So I go to DMV to reinstate my license and they tell me I have to complete dwi assessment. That was part of my probation which I elected to bypass and severe my time in prison. Should I still have to do the assessment since it was part of my probation terms or should I be able to get my drivers liscense with time severed.
You may have elected to serve active time, but with a DWI conviction in NC, you're still required to have an assessment...
When is your blood tested after a car accident?
Someone has been in a car accident with serious injuries and taken into an ambulance. There were other people involved in the accident but they were the only one to have their blood tested because an officer said everyone else appeared normal. I read that the police use the blood from the hospital for testing for DUI. The person they tested has been told they had opiates in their system but could that be from the ambulance?
That's a question for a pharmacologist or other medical expert not a criminal defense attorney.
What could happen after a Failure to appear from 19 years ago? Can the warrant be recalled and can this be dismissed for lack of
I was arrested for a DUI in 1998. I hired a lawyer and he was handling my case. He had it continued. Later that year I moved to Florida (I obtained a FL drivers license) where I returned to NC on 3 separate occasions to attend my court date, which in turn was again continued. Some where along the line something got lost in translation and I believed my lawyer had handled this because I never heard from him again. Three years ago I moved back to NC for a teaching job and obtained a NC drivers license. Several Months ago I applied for a hand gun permit and found that I had a warrant. I have contacted the same lawyer and he is suggesting a Class II misdemeanor for careless and reckless. I'm not sure that's in my best interest.
Had your lawyer handle the charge in your absence, you would have either been given an amount to pay to the court for...
I was driving 90 on a 70miles an hour high way i have no license and got set up a court date for speeding and lavk of license
Can i beat the judge to it and go get my license before the court date ?
Hire an attorney and maybe you'll be able to keep it.