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What are the consequences of being high and drunk in public?
I left a party and I had no way of getting home because my phone stopped working. At this party I smoked and drank a little bit but I was definitely in control of my behavior. However since I was lost I had no choice but to find the police. My father picked me up and the officer said I had a citation for smoking pot. He also gave me a breathalyzer but he never told me the number and never did further test. I want to know what are the possible consequences and the best way to handle this situation
It sounds as if you were on foot, and if you are not operating a motor vehicle there is no DUI implication. However, if...
DA will not provide records from the state police of who was diving/with the rookie since the Cprl passed away 12 days after?
I am now on my 3rd lawyer &thinks i should take a plea deal,but its the same one from the 1st time before my 1st lawyer denied it & cross examined the rookie not the Cprl i was pulled over by . It was 1 car w/2troopers the Cprl did everything, talked, searched, cuffed put me in the back. Never spoke to the rookie on scene, he was searching (w/o consent). The Cprl. was killed 12 days after. Since he did all thework on scene drove me/rookie to the barracks but he left & The rookie drove me to the hospital, I gave blood and rookie read me my rights. Issue i have is why is the rookie testifying and not Cprl. bc he lied and said he was with a diff Cprl, he Drove etc.? another car showed up to secure the tow. I think hes flip flopping the two, he was a 3mo trooper, stuttering when asked about the late Cprl. he did NOT preserve the dashcam video, it took 5.5 mos to file the complaint. So, since the rookie said he did everything but did not preserve the dashcam, its now my word against any troopers. So, why cant they get discovery from the state on who the rookie was with, where is the Cprl at hes saying he was with? Why do i have to prove it when he didnt follow proper procedure. Advice?
It sounds like you want to go to trial. You should then. There are higher fees going to trial. Tell your current lawyer....
Do you have to take the crn evaluation in the same county you got the DUI in?
In many counties, you do not. In others, you do. What has your attorney advised based upon the practice in the county...
What happens when you refuse a blood test after a hit and run?
What happens if you refuse a blood test after leaving the scene of an accident?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
I was pulled over and taken to the hospital for suspicion of a DUI how long does it take for it to come back
Pulled over took a field test. Then got taken to the hospital for blood to be drawn then they dropped me back off at home
Because they want to charge the summaries as well, they nearly always charge within 30 days. Did they have a warrant...
Can you get a DUI without driving or being arrested?
My car wouldn't start and I was too drunk so I napped for a few hours in the passenger side. When I woke up the car still wouldn't start, and I was pretty drunk still. I called the police for assistance (stupid I know). They came and talked to me, did a breathaluzer (I think), took a look at my license then dropped me off at home without anything else. Can I be charged?
First, you should absolutely talk with a qualified Montgomery County, PA DUI Attorney to go over all of your rights and...
With the birchfield v North Dakota ruling blood in my case will not be admissable, how can the prosecutor prove what tier dui?
I am the defendant in a DUI case in PA, where the birchfield ruling makes it so my blood is not admissable in my case. The prosecutor has not dropped the charge to general impairment and I am being charged for my 2nd DUI, 3rd (highest) tier. As of now I am scheduled for a jury trial in a month and a half but can change to a bench if I think it's in my best interest. The prosecutor only has the police witness testimony as evidence. My PD says my blood is not admissable by the prosecution, there was a portable breath test given but no number was recorded (I'm told it's also not admissable), no video of the field sobreity test is available, I was never marandized. With such little evidence I can be found guilty of DUI at all, much less the 3rd tier. It is my understanding that for me to be convicted of tier 3 DUI the prosecution must prove my bac was .16 or higher. How is that possible given they have no data (admissable anyways) supporting their claim? PLEASE HELP! Am I missing something? Also should i go for a bench or jury trial in your opinion? ifni take the stand and deny drinking (or drinking that much) can they then introduce my blood as evidence? Thank
You have an attorney. You need to talk to them. Second guessing them in an online forum isnt going to help you. If...