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Which is worse to have in Illinois? Reckless driving or DUI
My attorney asked if I would be willing to enter a guilty plea of reckless driving instead of going to trial.
Reckless is better. A DUI conviction is an automatic revocation.
Can i get a hardship license before i have my groups completed to apply to get my license reinstated? can you tell me the proces
I have a revoked license due to commiting a felony while operating a vehicle, I am in the process of doing my groups but still have 70 hours to complete and really need to get a hardship license to get back forth to work as it is costly and hard to get transportation to and from work for me. I also have an elderly father that has to go back and forth to dr appointments. I also need transportation to and from group and dr appointments for myself.
Short answer - If your license is revoked for an non-alcohol/drug-related reason, your normally would not need an...
Will I face jail time or just fines?
I was pulled over for failure to use a turn signal. When asked for driver's license and insurance, I didn't have either. My son has misplaced places two of my driver's licenses in the past, and I hadn't yet been able to find my current one that he lost. Anyways, I also couldn't find my girlfriend's insurance card. I was cited for the failure to use a turn signal, driving without insurance, and apparently driving while my license was suspended. I found this out at the traffic stop because I am behind on child support payments because I lost my job, they suspended my license. I had no prior notice to this, and it was suspended since late last year. Months before it was suspended I was at the DMV getting a new driver's license to replace one my three year old son lost, and no mention of a future suspension was mentioned while I was there. I'm wondering what I am most likely facing, jail time or fines. Or, even a suspended sentence, or probation of sorts. Any answers on the matter would be appreciated. And, I can further clarify anything if needed.
You are - in all likelihood- charged with a Class A misdemeanor which carries a fine of up to 2500 plus costs and/or up...
I recieved a dui and 6 months suspension i paid reinstament fee got my licence back can court convict me 6 months later
do the court have to convict me before i got lience back
Yes, what the court does with the underlying DUI is not controlled by what happens with the suspense
DUI on background check.
Months ago I signed a contract to work for an accounting firm after graduation. Very recently I was charged with a DUI. My first court date is very soon. Ironically I was was just sent the pre-employment background check. How would the DUI look on a background check at this point? It shows that I have been charged on, but I'm wondering how this would look on a background check due to there being no verdict.
it won't look good, but it will look worse if you lie and they find out.
Has a minor been "Convicted of a Misdemeanor" because she plead guilty to the charge of underage consumption of alcohol?
The court disposition states "withhold judgement/supervision"; sentence 1 "supervision 6 months"; and sentence 2 "fine". My reason for asking is that I am submitting her FOID card application and one of the questions is "Have you (the minor) ever been convicted of a misdemeanor other than a traffic violation"? It was our understanding that if she plead guilty and asked for court supervision that it would not be on her record. I don't want to give incorrect information to the Illinois State Police. Thank you.
Supervision is not a conviction under Illinois law.
I received a Statutory Summary of Suspension and on the report it does not state reasonable grounds. Defective?
I was served with a sworn report for a statutory summary of suspension. On the report, it leaves an area to write reasonable grounds. On the one I have it is blank. It doesn't state that this is optional. Does my ticket for "failure to reduce speed" constitute as the reasonable grounds on my report even if not on there. I have a hearing coming up and I am wondering if this could be defective.
There is no defect, and even if there was, the document could be amended on its face in court. You need a lawyer.