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I received an underage drinking citation in Pa. I am from Nj and 17.
The police said I just pay a fine and it is not on my record but I know Pa has a 90 driver license suspension. What will be reported to NJ. Are there further penalties that will be imposed by NJ?
You need to speak to a Pa. attorney on this. Normally you would think it would be reported but DWI in Pa. is criminal...
I had NY license and was convicted of DWI in NJ. Would this be shown in my criminal record for job application in other States?
Hold NY license and convicted of DWI in NJ. Planning to apply a job position in CT. Should I say yes for "have you ever been convicted of a crime?". I was told that DWI conviction is not a crime in NJ and unsure whether I should say yes for the question since I hold NY license.
You were not convicted in NY. It is not a crime in NJ. If NY suspends you under the interstate compact it is a "civil'...
Can I change a my lawyer during a DWI and/or Driving under Suspension trial in municipal court?
Any one can give me ananswer? If yes, can the 2nd lawyer just "assume" the case from the 1st one, or the 2nd one has to start from the beginning again?
This is why it is important to have the right attorney from the beginning! Most attorney's would not get involved in...
How do I fight a DUI case against me and also get my license back?
I went out to party in NYC had a few extra drinks, decided to drive the friend (he had a few drinks as well) back home in NJ. I got stopped by a traffic police for turning right at a red light (illegal in NYC; legal in NJ, if "no turn on red" sign is not posted). Officer performed a breath analyzer test and reported the alcohol level was 0.11 (legal limit is 0.08). I was taken to the station for further tests and I failed the breath analyzer test but passed the coordination test. I kept a clean driving record since I started driving at age 17. This is my first time offence. The judge suspended my license in NY and I am going to presume that it is suspended in NJ as well. The date of the case has been set for 3/15, I have been asked to take the alcohol abuse screening scheduled for thursday 2/2. I would like to know if I have a fighting chance of staying out of prison and also any chance I can get my license back also if I can reduce these charges to something a bit closer to a violation taking into consideration my driving record also my work / academic standing?.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved before moving further to best liit the negative fallout from that night.
Dui case
DUI case
Is there a specific question regarding a DUI case you are looking for input on? If you are facing a DUI, do your...
What happens if you fail the first drug test for conditional discharge
It's the first test and I hope I passed but what happens if I didn't ?
If you fail the drug test you will get violated by and your case will be sent back to court where are you will be...
Im from north carolina but i live in nj now but i still got nc driver license i got a dui sleeping in car
I was at my girlfriends house she just had bought a house i was helping her paint and we were drinking, we got into an argument about the paint not being right on the moldings it was very tense so i left upset went and parked in some neighborhood just to clear my mind i was very tired from trucking but i helped so i pulled over in that neighborhood and went to sleep in car that night later next morning cop knocks on window and said someone called and said i was parked in front of their house on a one way street facing wrong way car was off but keys was in ignition they made me do sobriety test and blow .15 do i have a chance at all my lawyer i hired is telling me i have no chance but i left house to get away from violence
I would listen to your lawyer as he knows the facts of your case the best, as we only have a few lines of facts. The...