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How do I fix a nonexistent dui?
11 years ago I got a second dui within 5 years of the first one, and my state thinks I got a third one at the same time I was in court for the second one, and they refuse to fix it.
Your question is somewhat unclear. If you are truely saying there is a conviction on your record for DWI that is 11...
Why wasn't I informed about "no alcohol use or drug use" on back of my license?
Back in October, I was stopped and charged with DUI. I beat both the criminal and DMV hearing parts of it. The state of MN gave me my driving privileges back, so I thought everything was good to go. The other night I was in my truck coming back from the casino, and my friend was driving my truck (sober) and we got stopped and he ran our licenses. He came back to my window and said that I had a no alcohol or drug restriction on my license, and that he wasn't going to issue me a ticket or anything that night, but if he had to he would send it in the mail. I was never informed or agreed to in writing for the "B-card." I just looked it up out of curiosity, and I see that it says any violation of the "no drink, etc" results in immediate cancellation of my driving privileges. Is this true? I just don't see how if I never agreed or was informed about the restricted driver's license how I can get lose my privileges? Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I had a similar case some years back. The DPS took the position that they cannot cancel and deny (B-Card issuance) if...
If i'm prescribed to adderall can I get a dui for having methamphetamine in my system?
I got pulled over cuz they scanned my licence plate and I was on probation. They searched my vehicle found nothing. Then they wanted to givee a urine test on side of the road. When I admitted I did methamphetamine 2 days prior to that they made me go in and give a blood test.
yes, you can get a DWI for testing positive for Meth BUT the police can not stop you just for being on probation as you...
Can I request a drug test from my dr
Roommate is acting odd think he might be doing some crazy crap want to have him get a drug test to confirm but don't know if he can ask for one from his dr without the dr asking for it first
you can always ask for one. But whether they share the results with you is not mandatory. Best to find another roommate
When do I get my license plates back after dui dismissal?
I was stopped about a month ago, and the stop led to me getting a 2nd degree dui, but before my second court date, all charges were dismissed. The cop had no probable cause for the stop since why he pulled me over was not illegal. This would have been my third in ten years (09/10). I blew a .100. I haven't had my implied consent hearing yet. I was just wondering if I have to wait until I hear the results of that before I can get new plates on my truck or what? Which I'm assuming I will have to wait and find out what happens at that first, but I wasn't positive. Thank you guys.
The dismissal of your criminal case doesn't necessarily mean that you win the implied consent case. You have to wait...
I am wondering if I have any right on getting my CDL license back after I passed the test and paperwork was done?
I am in the CDL course in college in MN and I took my behind the wheel and pre-trip test and my instructor told me that I passed both test. He did the paperwork and everything and gave me my slip saying I passed. Then about ten minutes later he comes back and tells me that he forgot to add in a point on my score so he had to take the slip back and fail me. I am paying over $4000.00 for this course and I don't see how he can just take the slip back and say I failed over one point after he initially passed me.
The question isn't whether he used bad etiquette. The question is whether you passed or did not pass. Of course you...
What will my sentence be?
I was pulled over for a speed in Duluth. I had a couple of beers and the officer pulled me out for the tests- when given a breathalyzer, tried to blow , but I have asthma, I couldn't complete the test- he gave me a refusal. This is my second in 10 years- the first was August of 2005 but was sentenced in August of 2006----- since then, I haven't drank, at all! Except for this ill fated night! This one was given to me in August of 2016- when I was pulled over- will they consider this my second?
The answer will depend on your exact sentencing date in 2006 and the date of the new offense. If this is considered...