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Why does a first time of fencer get more than the others in the car that was pulled were already in system because other choices
Car pulled over because of light out on license . Was three that had been in trouble before so the state police searched car. Found drugs and items to do it with. So the driver was charged with possession of drug and other and something of a common nonsense. Everyone is out but the one that was driving she was charged with everything because no one else said it was theirs. Three has been out for over two weeks now and she does not have trial til oct. why is this happening. Cause one has copped to the drug and still got out. Was told they can not double charge a charge. So her should be lowered. Attorney has talked to her once. Would like her out with nothing cause she was driving she seems to be getting it the worst . What can be done to get this off record. Cause continues to say not guilty was the other ppls. Just would like a clean slate. But if happens again that means stupid
Hard to answer with facts given. All cases are very fact specific. Why has she not bonded out? All good question for...
Will I get a Dui or will I be charged with anything?
I was driving home late after having a few drink at a friends house. I ended up rolling my car into a ditch. The police were called by a witness and I was given a field sobriety test and then later taken to the hospital for a blood test. After the blood test the officer let me go. I was not arrested. I understand that it takes about 6 weeks for the lab results to get back, but I'm still uncertain about what's going to happen next.
Since we don't know what you mean by "a few drinks," none of us can really answer that question. If your BAC was over ....
Will I be charged for a DUI?
My friend had a family emergency and had to get home earlier than expected and we had a few drinks at the bar. When we got to his house the police were already there and my friend went inside with them. After the situation concluded the police came out and questioned me. They asked if I was drinking I said yes and they did a breathalyzer test on me. I blew over but they did not arrest me, ask for my license, or even my name. They said this was a warning and said you should spend the night here. With all that being said, is there a chance of me being charged?
No one can say for certain if you will be charged. That is up to the prosecutor. However, given the circumstances that...
Can "precedent " be used in a preliminary hearing for a DWI
I found a case from an appellate court for an improper left turn. The judge ruled the law doesn't state which lane to go into when making a left turn in an intersection with more than one lane. I was pulled over for an improper left turn at an intersection which led to a DWI arrest where I was never read the consent law and didn't blow. Can "precedent from the appellate court "be used in the preliminary hearing since there was no probable cause for me being pulled over .
The Lake Superior Courts would consider it, but only at a hearing specifically set to determine probable cause...
How is it possible to be charged with public intoxication and DUI in Indiana?
My son was charged with both in Indiana. He was driving home.
There can be alternative charges brought against a person. It does not necessarily mean he can be convicted of both...
Can I still be charged for a DUI
I was in an accident avoided a car that came in my lane and I Hit a Pole. I had injuries. The State Trooper asked me to take a Breathelyzer and I did. Didn't get the reading, but wasn't sited, not ticketed, and he gave my license back. I still haven't got the Crash report. I was taken to the hospital and they Drew blood per the request of the State Trooper. Can I still be charged. I had 2 10 years ago but no on record. I also had been taking cough medicine as I didn't drink but 1 can he still charge me if he didn't arrest me and ticket me. I still have my license
There are a couple of questions you need to answer. How long ago was the accident? Did the officer say anything to...
Can an out of state license be suspended in that state, but not the state in which it was issued?
I got a dui in Texas, my license was from Indiana. My license has been expired for 2 years. I went online with the BMV to apply, to see what would happen. It said I would have to apply in person because it's been over 12 months since it expired. I looked at my driving record and it says it's valid, even saying that there are no issues with the OOS. Does that mean I can reapply?
First of all, you should speak to an attorney licensed in the states where you received your DUI and where you are now...