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Can I draw unemployment and file discrimination for being fired for failed drug test
Failed drug test atleast two people before me also failed but they were given drug rehab option and kept there job I was not given that option
This isn't a DUI question. Im moving it to employment law so you may get the appropriate advice.
How long can they make my husband sit in the drunk tank on drug charges before seeing a judge?
My husband was arrested Thursday night and booked around 7:30 pm, it is now Sunday morning and he has still not seen a judge because he's been out for a couple weeks. He's been charged with paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, destroying evidence, and one more that I can't remember. He had a court date set for Friday, but it was canceled because the judge was a no show, so they have another one scheduled for tomorrow morning so he can be read his charges and get a bond reduction. I'm just wondering if the judge continues to not show up, how long can they detain him like that in the drunk tank on a full cash bond without being able to obtain a lawyer or anything?
If the judge is sick or cannot be present, the court should take steps to get a substitute judge. I'm sure it was a one-...
Is a class D felony automatic for an Indiana resident who has 2 DUI convictions in Kentucky?
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI in Kentucky. They were only a little over 1 year apart. I understand Indiana will impose a suspension of my driver license but how much more penalty can Indiana impose on top of what Kentucky already has?
I am not absolutely positive I understand what you are asking. If you have two recent previous DUI convictions in...
I have a 2nd DUI in Kentucky but I am a resident of Indiana. Will I have any to pay any fines or have any charges from Indiana?
I will be serving two weekend jail term in Kentucky and the apporved classes. Will Indiana impose any thing on me after completeing my obligations?
They will almost certainly honor a license suspension imposed by Kentucky.
Can you be charged with dui if car is running but your not in the vehicle ?
Car had a flat tire it was still running I was outside looking at tire as police pulled up
Guessing you admitted to driving, or implied as much....what caused the flat tire? Was it due to improper operation...
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history 17 years ago I got a DWI how long does that stay on your record
Technically forever. Though most records requests show back 7 or 10 years. If it is important to get off your record...
Do I need to get a lawyer? Is this right?
DCS started a case with me because I tested positive for marijuana. The baby didn’t have it in her urine or poop. It was in The Cord. They’ve since then tested drug tested me twice, both which came back negative for marijuana. They tested dad (my name is the only name on the lease) and he came pack positive (a faint line at that, he’s over 400 pounds and it stays in his system longer). They’re trying to still have an open case!!!!!! Is this legal? What should I be doing?
Yes, you should hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with DCS.