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Should I hire a DUI attorney?
I have never received anything more than a warning before and the other I was pulled over after running a red light. I had recently smoked marijuana in the vehicle so of course he asked to search which I initially denied but he was gonna bring in the dogs (which I know must be done in the time it takes to write a ticket, but I was pulled over right by the station) so I consented. They found nothing. I had nothing. They want me to rat or face an OWI charge. I walked away that day with a warning as well. They let me drive off but in Indiana per se laws say that any amount of marijuana in your system puts you under the influence, even metabolites. They haven't tested me yet, but I assume they will if I don't cooperate then precede to charge me. Can I beat these charges? I don't wanna rat.
Your question is a bit confusing. What do they want you to "rat" on? It seems they do not have much on you, unless you...
How long can they make my husband sit in the drunk tank on drug charges before seeing a judge?
My husband was arrested Thursday night and booked around 7:30 pm, it is now Sunday morning and he has still not seen a judge because he's been out for a couple weeks. He's been charged with paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, destroying evidence, and one more that I can't remember. He had a court date set for Friday, but it was canceled because the judge was a no show, so they have another one scheduled for tomorrow morning so he can be read his charges and get a bond reduction. I'm just wondering if the judge continues to not show up, how long can they detain him like that in the drunk tank on a full cash bond without being able to obtain a lawyer or anything?
If the judge is sick or cannot be present, the court should take steps to get a substitute judge. I'm sure it was a one-...
Is a class D felony automatic for an Indiana resident who has 2 DUI convictions in Kentucky?
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI in Kentucky. They were only a little over 1 year apart. I understand Indiana will impose a suspension of my driver license but how much more penalty can Indiana impose on top of what Kentucky already has?
I am not absolutely positive I understand what you are asking. If you have two recent previous DUI convictions in...
I have a 2nd DUI in Kentucky but I am a resident of Indiana. Will I have any to pay any fines or have any charges from Indiana?
I will be serving two weekend jail term in Kentucky and the apporved classes. Will Indiana impose any thing on me after completeing my obligations?
They will almost certainly honor a license suspension imposed by Kentucky.
Do I have to get out of my vehicle at a DUI checkpoint if I will not answer any questions & will not submit to a FST?
If I cannot satisfy the officer, asking questions that I refuse to answer, of my sobriety, & will not submit to a field sobriety test, Do I have to get out of my car, if he says to?
Most times an officer does not ask you to get out of the car it is not a question it is a command. I would say that if...
I haven't recieved a court date for an owi I got arrested for 6 months ago. What do I do?
Last year I got arrested for an owi. The cop made me take a field sobriety test. The cop then took me in for a blood test and kept me in jail untill morning. I didn't make bail but the cop released me and kept my license. I had to sign a paper saying I would appear in court. It's been six months since then and I haven't heard anything from the county clerk or anything. This is my first offense and it was a class c misdemeanor.
The State has 2 years to file charges. I am not sure the reason for the delay, but I do not think I would yet inquire....
I have a 10 year suspension dui on my drivers license. There is a new law where I can get it back, but not with a b.a.c. refusal
I did not refuse. I have the police report. In one paragraph in states my blood alcohol level and in the very next it states that I refused. This doesn't make sense. I have gone 4 1/2 years on my 10 year suspension and I no longer drink.
Do you have a question? You can ways seek a specialized driving privilege to get you mobile