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I was arrested for refusal to blow . I recieved two points . Is the arrest eligible for expungement ?
The prosecuter said there was not enough evidence for the refusal . They could not place me driving in the car etc . I did plead to careless driving .
If the arrest was for DUI and/or refusal, the answer is no. HOWEVER, the arrest will not show up on any criminal or...
I just received a Dui . I refused breathalyzer .what are my chances of beating this . What are the consequences I'm looking at
My car ran out of gas on the turn pike . My car got hit twice after several hours of waiting I walked to the nearest house because my cell phone had died . At first police where very nice they took me to police station awaiting state trooper ...he got there and things took a turn for the worst I took a field sobriety test and then hours later refused breathalyzer .
It's impossible to say without more information. Call a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss.
Breathalyzer Refusal advisement, asked if was refusing, trickery to get refusal?
I have read several cases referencing a confusion doctrine; I understand that one does not have a right to have attorney present at breath test. Continued requests, for an attorney could establish grnds for confusion doctrine. If an officers response to attorney request after breathalyzer advisement is, "are you refusing" (very fast, angry, almost taunting)and "Yes", is given......How is it determined which question was actually being said yes to? Is there anything worth looking at here? Side note:Same officer that documented a slurred speech, when answering "no" to a question, when trying to establishing probable cause. Is that even possible, to slur the single word "no"???? .....very young over zealous officer.
“despite the best efforts of police officers, some confusion may remain.” A defendant seeking to establish a claim of...
First DUI on h1b - property damage
Hello expert, I am on h1b since last 5 years got dui in New Jersey (not convicted yet). My car hit the pole in near by neighborhood. I heard that dui with property damage is treated harsh by uscis and dos. Please can some one provide me best immigration attorney's contact who worked with h1b client and have faced similar situation.
You can search for an experienced attorney here at the avvo site. There are many qualified attorneys at avvo.
What can I expect in court for violation of probation for a dui in Nj. I failed to report to probation and failed 2 drug tests
I got sentenced to probation for two years for a dui in New Jersey. I am suffering from depression and am no longer under my parents care to see my psychiatrist and get my medication. I am 24 years old. I missed multiple probation meetings and failed two out of two drug tests I took with marijuana in my system.
More information is needed to answer your question, but as always the worst case scenario is jail, the best is your...
Can the lost time be waived off, from IID total install duration, if Judge is right and MVC hasn't received updated information?
I got convicted of DWI in NJ and blew > 0.15 because of which Judge ordered to get IID installed during the time of license suspension and 6 months after getting the license reinstated. Then I got the letter from MVC stating that IID needs to be installed right before license is getting reinstated. When I called up MVC and IDRC to clarify this they told me to go back to the court and seek clarification from the Judge. Last evening, I went to court and spoke with Judge and he told me MVC sent you the wrong letter, to install IID upon license restoration, because of finger-fumble by the court clerk. He also told me that it was good that I came to cross check the information else he would have marked it as non-compliant. The Judge told me that he'll get the information corrected next day and I should then call MVC, later in the day, to check it. I called today afternoon and MVC said then didn't get any information and the lady was rude on the call stating that NJ rule says to have IID installed right before the license restoration. She also said that Judge is wrong and tell him to read the law. I already lost 3 months as In September I'll get the license reinstated.
I'm a little confused by our question, so I will answer it generally and it is probably best answered by your lawyer as...
DUI and pro bono attorney.
My neighbor 24, born in Romania who does not speak English well, a green card holder, was stopped by a Middlesex policeman and charged with 39:4-50 and 39:4-97. He claims he was tired and he was stopped at the traffic lights when he was coming home from work. He worked part time, making $8.50 per hour, 15 hours a week. He has no family here except his grandma who is 80yo. He spoke to a few lawyers but he cannot afford their services. Is there any organization that can help him? We contacted NJ legal services they said they do not take cases like his. I am trying to help his grandma because she is devastated by what had happened... Thank you.
Try the county bar association. Maybe they can help.