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I was arrested for refusal to blow . I recieved two points . Is the arrest eligible for expungement ?
The prosecuter said there was not enough evidence for the refusal . They could not place me driving in the car etc . I did plead to careless driving .
If the arrest was for DUI and/or refusal, the answer is no. HOWEVER, the arrest will not show up on any criminal or...
I just received a Dui . I refused breathalyzer .what are my chances of beating this . What are the consequences I'm looking at
My car ran out of gas on the turn pike . My car got hit twice after several hours of waiting I walked to the nearest house because my cell phone had died . At first police where very nice they took me to police station awaiting state trooper ...he got there and things took a turn for the worst I took a field sobriety test and then hours later refused breathalyzer .
It's impossible to say without more information. Call a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss.
How will a DUAI conviction in NY affect my NJ driver's license
Was convicted of DUI but was able to plea down to DWAI. Blood alcohol test was .00
A DWAI in NY counts as a prior DUI in NJ.
Hi. I hold a temporary In-Transit PA registration which is expired. Can I drive my car ?
I hold a driver's license in NJ but I purchased a car in PA. so I got a temp. registration. I did't receive any communication from dealer or NJ DMV regarding my permanent license plates. The dealer is telling me to drive a car with the same expired registration until i get it. He tells me sometimes it takes more than 30 days to get the permanent registration. what do I do ?
I'd ask the dealer to reissue me new temporary registration. If you drive with bad registration, you'll get a ticket.
I am curious about the background check for a work visa to new zealand and weather it will show a dui from nj?
Will this disqualify me from obtaining the visa and am i permitted to say I have no criminal record?
This is essentially an immigration question. You need to either ask a immigration attorney in New Zealand or contact...
Are judges more likely to listen to cops over DWI experts?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, the testimony of the arresting officer in a DUI case is all of the evidence that the state needs to convict you. Even if the breath test is thrown out, it doesn't matter because the cop can say "they looked pretty drunk to me" and win the case that way. If a DWI expert challenges the officer's testimony, will the judge even listen to them or are you doomed to be found guilty no matter what?
Find an attorney skilled in DWI cases (who will know what experts to bring, you will not), pay him and ask him the...
What is the likelihood of receiving a jail sentence for my fourth driving on a suspended license?
I already served 10 days in jail for my third offense. All three previous offenses occurred in the state of Va. My fourth offense occurred in Deleware.
If your offense was in the state of NJ it is pretty much guaranteed unless you have a great traffic ticket lawyer who...