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I was arrested for refusal to blow . I recieved two points . Is the arrest eligible for expungement ?
The prosecuter said there was not enough evidence for the refusal . They could not place me driving in the car etc . I did plead to careless driving .
If the arrest was for DUI and/or refusal, the answer is no. HOWEVER, the arrest will not show up on any criminal or...
I just received a Dui . I refused breathalyzer .what are my chances of beating this . What are the consequences I'm looking at
My car ran out of gas on the turn pike . My car got hit twice after several hours of waiting I walked to the nearest house because my cell phone had died . At first police where very nice they took me to police station awaiting state trooper ...he got there and things took a turn for the worst I took a field sobriety test and then hours later refused breathalyzer .
It's impossible to say without more information. Call a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss.
Will a DUI on my record affect my chances of obtaining my US Citizenship?
While waiting for my 2nd interview for my permanent residence, I was Cited for a DUI in NJ. That's the only infraction on my record. I was finally approved last week at my interview. Will that DUI charge affect my chances of obtaining my US Citizenship and how long must I wait to apply?
A New Jersey DUI conviction is considered a traffic offense but it can have an impact on citizenship. You should...
I had a dui in 2006 and did everything the court ordered (they didn't inform me of irdc) I did pay the fines &community service
I had a 10,000 dollar nj surcharge bill I paid it I'm full in 2016 and was told I could get my license back , I went to DMV and they said I had a noncompliance from irdc filed in 2009 however in 2008 my suspension was over and my NJ driving privilege's were restored , in 2010 I got pulled over and the cop found a empty bottle of medicine (methadone) pain management and gave me a urine test an charged me with a dui I got it dropped down now its 2017 and the irdc says I must do 16 weeks of a program and I am on pain management and sued my former employer rewarded 90,000 an in NJ its 2 yrs and I am again suing the insurance and they told me I cant drive if I take pain medicine so if I cant drive why do I have to take the 16 week course? I thought hipper laws were broken when they asked my medicines and made me take a urine and are going to use this against me when I complete the course, I want to move out of NJ, if I do move cant they transfer IRDC to another state ,what if I move to Spain?
This question is somewhat convoluted. Have you been convicted of one DUI or two? When was the 16-week program ordered?...
Can I avoid having my license suspended?
My license is going to get suspended next month for Refusal of the breathalyzer. I can not afford to lose my license because of a recent medical problem and because of my job. I have been having problems with my heart and am currently seeking treatment and must go several times. In order to do so, I need to drive. Is there any way the judge can allow that?
If you can prove the stop was illegal you can avoid the license suspension, otherwise pretty hard. If you don't have a...
How often do police officer have to calibrate alcotest 7110.I blew in the breathalyzer & the machine returned 0 .refusal & a dui
I left a bar had a shot and a beer and spicy thai food . I didn't feel good and i live an hour and a half away so i decided to sleep in my car i took my sleep medicine . exactly 5 hours later police knock on my car window . I told them i do not want to do a field sobriety test .But i would gladly take a breathalyzer ....Upon taking the breathalyzer the police received 0 liters of air and i could not finish the blowing time . I went to pulmonologist who had mr dr fax over my records & preform test . I was told i physically could not complete the blow time . But i was curious could this also be the reason why the test came up as 0 which resulted in me getting a refusal
The alcotest must be calibrated every 6 months. Yes the test would come up min volume not achieved if you did not...
Is there any way I can get into Canada with a DUI on my record?
About 3 1/2 years ago, I was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. I went to court, and was handed a 7 month suspension of my license along with NJSA 39:4-50. I was told the DUI is on my record but it was not criminally charged, nor was I convicted. I am trying to go on a mini vacation to Canada early next year and I know Canada does not let anyone with a DUI "conviction" over the border. How do i know for sure if I have a conviction or not? If I do, is there any way the conviction can get expunged so I can get into Canada?
If you had a 7 month suspension you most likely had a conviction for a DWI. DWI convictions cannot be expunged. A...