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What are the consequences for a DUI and driving without a license?
I am a minor of the age 15. Arrested for driving intoxicated, failure to use turn signal, and driving without a license. I have not gone to court yet and would like to know possible penalties and if this is a misdemeanor or felony.
DUI is an unclassified traffic misdemeanor which carries the possibility of up to one year in jail. By statute, if you...
Can you be ordered to take breathalyzers twice a week at arraignment but before you have gone to court on charge of DUI
Can a person stopped and charged with DUI in the State of Colorado be ordered to take breathalyzers twice a week at arraignment but before being convicted of any crime?
I am assuming that the Judge made this a condition of your release on bond, correct? If so, then it appears to be...
In Colorado, can a person be charged with DUI ,blew a 00.00 take perscription drugs ?
Low dose perscriptions like 1 mg. and 20 mg. is the highest. have been taking these scripts for 17 yrs. , searched my car without asking and no dog. , was not read miranda rights at all. Did blood work and still waiting on results for that . What are my legal rights in the state of Colorado?
You can be charged with DUID - driving under the influence of drugs - even if you were taking prescription drugs, if...
Do I need to get a lawyer, or will it be cheaper to take the DUI?
I recently got a DUI, I am under 21 years old and had a beer and a sip of a mixed drink at a club. Two hours later I drove a friend home who had too much to drink, and got pulled over for failure to dim brights. I didn't refuse anything and cooperated with it all and got taken to the station for a breathalyzer, I blew a .116 which was a lot higher than I thought. I had taken NyQuil that night from a cold and didn't know it had that effect. But I didn't know it had an effect till the next day so I couldn't tell the officer about it.
Alcohol related driving charges are serious in nature and can have a lasting impact on your life. For that reason, I...
DUI, lost in the system ... help
I got a DUI back in August of 2014 in the Denver area. I have been on probation since Jan 2015. Back in september I moved from Fort Collins to the Denver area and was suppose to have them transfer my probation but I guess I got lost in the system. I haven't had any contact with them since September. I have received a letter twice from the courts only regarding my court fines being late. I have aided all my court fines but I have not finished my community service or alcohol classes. My probation period ends mid July. I was wondering what I should do since I've pretty much let this ride out all these months and still no contact from courts or anything
I am always worried when someone counts on falling through the cracks. I would recommend that you call into your...
What do I do to get my drivers license back?
My home state is colorado and in January of 2014 I was convicted of a dui when I visited the state. Nebraska had to give me a license number to penalize me for this crime. Recently I was convicted of a dui in colorado and I'm trying to get my restricted license with interlock. Nebraska is holding me up from getting my license in Colorado stating I need to take a written and driving test to get my nebraska license reinstated. How am I supposed to get my license back in Colorado?
Is that two convictions for dui in Colorado? You have to ask the kind people what needs to be done in order to get your...
How can I find out if I can get my interlock device out early?
I have had an interlock for a drug related DUI for a year now. I reinstated early last year but have to have it until 2018. I'm unsure if the courts imposed the sentence or if it was up to the DMV. My car insurance keeps going up but with the interlock device my choices of who will insure me are limited. I have had one fail but am otherwise in compliance with my contract.
Look at the court order on sentencing. It will tell you if you are mandated by the court to have an interlock devise....