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Can a written dui 1st offense be changed
I was charged with dui 1st over the weekend, but I have already been found guily if a dui in 2010. will they change my charge to dui 2nd?
In all probability, yes. This will result in higher insurance rates; a longer suspension of your driver's license; a...
What penalties am I looking at for dui "1st"
I was pulled over this weekend for "swerving" I took the pen test, then when asked to take the steps and count I refused, I was read my rights and arrested! this was 4am sat morning, I see the judge at 2 pm sat she informs me that even tho the officer wrote it as dui 1st I was plead guilty to a dui in 2010, so I will not be released until Monday morning when I can get a scram monitor applied! I go see my lawyer today and my court date is Sept 21st I was just wondering if I'm facing any jail time other than this house arrest? thanks in advance
See S.C. Code Ann. 56-5-2930. You are looking at a fine, a record, a 6 month suspension of your licens, mandatory...
Can I get charged with rape of we were both too drunk to remember anything that happened?
So me and this girl I'm friends with went to my house to play video games, plan was nothing more nothing less. It was just to do that and neither of us even thought about having sexual relations together. But we had a drink or two, and those turned in to a lot more alcohol, and neither of us remember too much more beyond that. We were both too drunk to remember. But we ending up having sex, I know this because of the condom and such lying around that wasn't there earlier. But can she charge me with rape? She's upset that we had sex because she was a virgin, and has started talking about charging me with rape. If we were both unable to even remember what happened is she able to do that? Also might want to add that we are both over 21 so we can consume alcohol legally.
Yes, you can be charged with rape. The facts you list may or may not be a defense to the charge, but you can be...
Is there a possibility of charges being dropped? What are my options at this point?
I have a DUI under my name. This is my 1st offense and my breath alcohol test was .01. I crashed a light pole there are public damanges. I just want to know how do I get in touch with my arresting officer and what should I do now. I'm 19 years old and I wanna to be a nurse practitioner will this DUI harm me in anyway? Is there a possibility of charges being dropped.
There is always the chance of the DA dropping the charges. You might still be eligible to be consider a youthful...
When will South Carolina find out about my North Carolina DWI?
I was convicted of a second DUI in NC in March 2011. At the time, my SC license was suspended for a DUI I received there. My NC suspension ended 3/4/2015 and I paid the restoration fee at a NCDMV on that date. However, South Carolina has never been notified of this NC conviction in 4 years. Will SC find out when I go to a SCDMV to finally restore my license (I waited out the 4 year NC suspension even though the SCDMV said I was eligible for license restoration in February 2012), 4 years after the conviction and suspend my license again from the date of notification rather than the date of the NC offense in March 2011?
Good question and it is equally good that you appreciate it is still possible. It is hard to say when this will...
What to do if someone gets a letter from DMV about a suspended license if never has had one?
Someone that never had a drivers license was taken to jail and charged for DUS and got a letter from DMV about a pardon for people with suspended license, what will happen the first week of march. That person is scared to be taken to jail if showing up @ DMV, because never had a license to show @ the entrace of DMV office.
In AL if you've never applied for a license, but get a citation while driving, the state issues what's called a file...
How long is the average length of time for a drunk driver to be prosecuted in a wreck that resulted in death?
My sister was killed by a drunk driver seven years ago. The driver was arrested by Highway Patrol in Spartanburg. The case has yet to go to court. What could the hold up be?
Impossible to say - there are really no specific time limits on how long that case may take to be resolved. Serious...