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if so, i'm planning on getting married with my fiance, will any of this records be an impediment to obtain a legal residence? now, i already have a I 130 Petition for alien relative in process, my Dad being the petitioner, he's now a US citizen but no longer resides in the country and i know this will take several years, I'm currently 29 yo, i have a HS diploma, and I've been living with my fiance for over a year now, i entered the country in may 10th 2002 at the age of 16 with a tourist visa but staid after this expired, i had a few traffic tickets when i lived in CT but paid them right away and never had to go to court, the DUI was my fist offence and ICE never got a hold of me, what's the best option i have?
This was posted under DUI defense when it's an immigration question.
I had a 5yr. W/2out will they revoke all 5 or the 2?
There are many factors that will influence the disposition of the motion to revoke your suspended sentence. You are...
I was recently charged with Posession, and drug Peraphernalia. I had about 40 baggies, a bong, scales, and about 2 grams of marijuana in a box in my car. The drug dogs came and they found this in my car on school grounds. It is my first offense, and my record is completely clean. Should I get an attorney. Which I will have to pay for as a 16 year old. Or just plead no contest and pay my fines, community service, etc.
Assuming you care about your future like: employment/career, education, financial aid, borrowing money for a house or...
I am an Oklahoma resident. This was a first offense DUI and happened in Arkansas. The court required me to install an ingition interlock device for 6 months, take a defensive driving course, and complete 12 hrs of level 1 Alcohol course. I am a month away from finishing all requirements and I got a letter today from OK DPS stating that they are revoking my license starting in Febuary for 6 months and that I need to attend an ADSAC assessment and complete the requirements they give me. I have already done all of this and having to go through everything again as if I have 2 DUI's. Is there anything I can do to avoid duplicating my punishment?
If you are being revoked by Oklahoma because you took a conviction in Arkansas (which is the only reason they should be...
it was suspended for 3 yrs because of a misdemeanor drug charge. I lost my job only because I did not have my license. I've missed out on many advancement oppurtunities due to this. I want to be able to go back to school and also have a job. I cannot accomplish these things without a license.
The length of the revocation cannot be changed. And because it was based on a drug charge, you cannot even get a...
I was arrested in 2005 for DUI in Oklahoma. I was naive enough to believe I could make it through a court date without legal representation. I plead no contest and agreed to terms involving classes and other obligations. A few weeks after my DUI I was pulled over for failure to signal and no insurance. Due to several factors I had to leave the state. Well, needless to say these mistakes from my past have come back, and I need to resolve the situation. I missed a court date and now I have to turn myself in and pay bonds and fines. Since the accident I have put myself through college, and started a family. I need to resolve this situation and move on with my life. Once this is resolved in OK will the DUI and any other charges be on my record in other states? Thanks for your contributions.
DUI is a crime that cannot be removed from a person's criminal history. Even if someone did a deferred prosecution it...
I live in Oklahoma, I got arrested and charged with a DUI 2 years ago. I have completed my deferred sentence and have completed my 991C expungement process, they said my plea will be changed, record sealed, and can only be accessed through OSBI. If the company I am interning for runs a background check or looks at my driving record, will the DUI show up?
Yes. A 991c is not an arrest expungment. A background through obi for crim. history will show you areezted, charged...