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Am I getting credit or not
In the star of Louisiana, caught a 3rd dwi while on parolle, attorney said to not violate my parolle so I had to defer it, now my parolle officer is saying bc I differed my parolle I am not getting credit for the 67 days I have been incarcerated. My time starts today the day that I actually violated myself. My attorney is saying that is not true when the judge orders him to 3 years ran concurrent credit for time served he will receive credit for those days. So am I getting credit or not?
The only person that you should be asking is your own attorney.
My son was arrested for dui.
He does not drink. He is suffering from social anxiety which he is on medication. his sobriety was 0.00. they charged him with dui & improper lane usage. He showed the officer documents for his condition, but he didn't care. What can I do to help my son? He just got off probation & this will be his 4th dui. He was just getting his life back in order. Can you help please?
Meeting with and hiring a lawyer in your area is the best thing you can do to help your son. The State will likely try...
Wife arrested for DWI # 4 bond $20,000ish. also possession with intent to distribute. Can I divorce her and avoid the bond?
cost me $20000 for # 3 just a few months back. I've had enough.
You can always pull your support for the bond and she'd have to get another guarantor or go into custody.
What motion do I fill to get off house arrest.
For a 3rd dwi but my probation officeru does not have a problam with me being on flat probation.
If you have already met the mandatory minimum requirement for sentencing you could make a motion for a sentence...
I was arrested on dwi. I think I may have a warrant in another parish. But was able to make bond. The police abut a warrant.
The police that pulled me over said nothing about me having a warrant even after fingerprints and everything. So my question is if police released me on surety bond and said nothing of a warrant does this mean there is not one. Also if I did have a warrant it would be a felony warrant thanks kent
Police are human beings. They make mistakes like other human beings. Your having been released tells you nothing...
I am on probation for 2nd dwi in Louisiana. I have just received a letter for motion and order for hearing to revoke probation?
I am on probation for 2nd dwi in Louisiana. I have just received a letter saying "motion and order for hearing to revoke probation". I have met and completed all the things required from probation, except I have a few hundred dollars left to pay. The violation is that the interlock in my car recorded a blood alcohol level over 0.11. I live in a college area and am certain that one of my roommate's friends did this as a prank. It was made clear to me in the beginning that any recording goes on record as it was me, even if it truly was not. I have about 7-8 months left of being on probation, but being so close to having everything done, this is truly a pickle. What should I do? This was not my doing.
Hire the best lawyer in town and fight it. Otherwise, you are going to jail. Good luck!
2nd offense DUI while on probation for first.
got dui again while on probation for same thing. they have already tried to revoke me once for failing my first drug test. im paid up and am doing very well in my out patient substance abuse program (never failed one drug test.) My BAC was 0.8 what will happen to me?
No one can tell you what is going to happen to you specifically without more facts than you can/should post here. (The...